Sunday, May 22, 2022

Foetus blocks flushing toilets at Nkoyaphiri Clinic

A drain that had been blocked for some time at Nkoyaphiri Clinic yielded a foetus last Thursday.

Speaking to The Telegraph on Monday, the senior nurse at the clinic, Ms. Modise, said that for sometime last week, the clinic’s toilets did not function and, during maintenance, a five-litre container was found with a dead foetus inside.

┬á“We do not know who or what happened to the mother. No one has been arrested or linked to this cruel issue and it is the first of its kind at our public clinic,” said Modise.

The Mogoditshane Sub-land Board sanitation division was called to unblock the water system feeding the toilets and they discovered a container with the dead foetus inside it.

It is not known how long the baby had been in that container. The matter is with the Mogoditshane police station.

“It is not clear if this was the result of a back-street illegal abortion but the body has been taken to the hospital for a post-mortem while investigations are ongoing,” said Modise. “We also appeal to the community in general to assist us identify the mother.”
The clinic’s flushing toilets were fixed and started operating the same day the dead body was extracted.

Modise expressed concern about the incident at her clinic.

“I appeal to the mothers to treat pregnancy seriously and to make the best use of our health facilities. We are here to serve them for free with government resources,” said Modise.


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