Saturday, June 22, 2024

Forest Conservation Botswana workshop targets CBOs

A non- profit making organization, Forest Conservation Botswana (FCB), will on Tuesday host a workshop for its beneficiaries of on-going projects throughout the country at Woodlane Hotel, Gaborone.

The institution’s marketing and Public Relations Officer, Lorato Mongatane said in an interview that the objectives of the workshop include according the grantees an opportunity to share challenges and successes in implementing projects as well as provide networking platform amongst them.

The workshop will be attended by 16 beneficiaries, most of who are Community Based Organisations (CBOs) who are implementing projects aimed at forest conservation, which include: land reclamation in Mapoka; assessment of threats to hard wood forestry resources and regeneration management in Chobe, research project on florist composition and degeneration of status of riparian species along the Thamalakane River and strategic environmental assessment of Chobe forest reserves management plans.

“The successful project implementers will be sharing their experiences and strategies while those facing challenges will be shedding light on the challenges and how they are resolving them. Although we usually have individual beneficiaries, currently we do not have them as no one qualified,” she said.

She highlighted that their selection of various points in the country for implementation of conservation projects, which started with the call for proposals was informed by the findings of a consultancy report. The report identified wildland fires, elephants, fuel wood, arable cultivation and climate change as key threats to forest cover. She said the report indicated that ecosystem services and key habitats for biodiversity conservation have experienced unprecedented pressure as short term economic gains have led to the clearance of riparian and other biodiversity hotspots.

The study used combination of desktop literature review, field work and Geographic Information Systems and remote sensing analysis in order to meet the overall objectives of the consultancy report.


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