Thursday, November 30, 2023

Former BNF councilor arrested for stolen IEC documents

Former Botswana National Front councilor and now an independent candidate in Lobatse is in police custody after being implicated in the theft of Independent Electoral Commission IEC documents.

His arrest follows the arrest of three registration officer of IEC by the police after allegations of theft of the documents.

Lobatse Officer Commanding senior superintendent Oreneetse Mogapaesi told The Telegraph on Monday evening that “since we began our investigations last week Monday we have so far arrested the fourth person who is also implicated in the theft of IEC documents”.

She indicated that the suspect who is in his 30s and an active politician was arrested by the police soon after the other three were arrested.

“I am not in a position to reveal the identity of the suspect as well as the political party that the suspect belongs to,” she said
She said they have not yet formulated the possible charges against the four suspects as investigations are ongoing.

Mogapaesi said so far their investigations have spread and centered between Lobatse, Thamaga and Moshupa where the police are busy gathering evidence that is expected to make their case strong before the court.

“The investigations as always are complex but we will do our best to make sure that we gather as much evidence as possible,” she said. ┬á

When contacted for comment BNF Publicity Secretary Moeti Mohwasa said the suspect is a former BNF Councilor “but unfortunately last year he lost primary elections┬á and now he is an independent candidate therefore the party has nothing to comment about the matter and he is the only one┬á who can speak┬á for himself.”

“He is no longer a member of BNF as he has resigned from our party,” said Mohwasa.

Last week Sunday, one of the registration officers allegedly lodged a complaint with the police that two of the registration books were stolen and eventually the three IEC officers were arrested.


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