Saturday, July 2, 2022

Former casino employees mull legal action for unfair dismissal

About 116 former employees are up in arms against their employer, Masa Casino, over unfair dismissal from work.

Masa Casino, which operates under the trade name Sealema Holdings, was prohibited and restrained from operating by the High Court last year following legal proceedings instituted against them by Gaborone Sun, Peermont Global and Moonlite casinos.

The employees, who have been with the Casino for nine months, are wondering if they have been dismissed from work after they were given letters on intention to retrench.

Information reaching The Telegraph reveals that in October 2012, Thabo Lekalake, who is the Managing Director of the Casino, convened a meeting with the 116 employees and informed them of the intention to retrench following the directive by the court to close the casino until certain conditions were met.

The 116 employees were given letters, which were referenced as Intention to Retrench. Lekalake then presented three options to the employees from which they had to choose either retrenchment, halting salary and lay off.

Lekalake requested the employees to come back to work on the 15th of October 2012 to hear what they had decided.

“We tried to reason out with the employer and he agreed to pay full salary while awaiting the response from the DC,” said one of the employees.

Lekalake promised the employees they would be on payroll until the District Commissioner endorses the retrenchment but their last payment was in December.

He had promised to communicate back on the decision made by the DC before end of January 2013.

“To date there has been no communication regarding the response from the DC office and he does not answer his phone,” said the employee.

When contacted for verification, the DC’s office revealed that they had not received any letter from Sealema Holdings on the Intention to Retrench.

Meanwhile, the company has cancelled the employees’ Medical Aid Scheme without their concern and they can’t claim their pension with Alexander Forbes because they say there are arrears.

What has been shocking for the employees is that the pay slips they received showed money was deducted towards their pension.

Employees are now wondering if at all the letter on the intention to retrench has been sent to the DC’s office. They say they are wondering why they can’t they get their pensions and why the company terminated their medical aid scheme with BOMAID if they were not officially retrenched.
The employees are considering taking legal action against the company.

When contacted for comment, Lekalake acknowledged that he was aware of the issue but declined to comment further.

“I’m aware of the issue but I’m not the one who was dealing directly with the employees,” he said.


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