Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Former Minister and businessman Charles Tibone attacked at gun point

A leading businessman and former minister, Charles Mbiganyi Tibone and his wife escaped death by a whisker when assailants broke into their home in Phakalane, tied up the security guard at the main entrance and made their way to the couple’s main bedroom, where they continued to also tie Mr. and Mrs. Tibone with a rope.

Broadhurst Police have confirmed the incident to the Sunday Standard and said the real motive is not yet known.

The gun-wielding robbers made away with money and valuables from the Tibone house. Acting Broadhurst Station commander of Detective Superintendent Lengkwetse Philemon has also confirmed the investigations. Tibone said the intruders ultimately made away with cash and some valuables.

“We were in deep sleep together with my wife when the uninvited guests invaded my bed room,” said Tibone as he narrated the incident.

He said before the criminals could enter the house, they first attacked the security guard who was at the main entrance by tying him up. It was then that they proceeded to break a window and enter into the main bedroom where they tied Tibone’s hands to those of his wife. Tibone said he saw about three well built guys, with one wearing a mask on his face while the other two were not masked. He could barely recognize them, but all indications are that the robbers had information on Tibone and that his house was not randomly picked.The criminals then proceeded to search all over the house. They then seized what cash there was in the house.

“They took our money that I cannot remember how much it was and demanded more as they felt it was too little and instructed me that they will take me to the nearby ATM (Automated Teller Machine) to cash more money”.

Tibone said in his life he has never felt more helpless and more terrified as when he was under siege from the robbers. “I have never felt more terrified in my life since those uninvited guests pointed a gun to my head. It was so bad! They continuously assaulted us as if were their punching bags,” said the former Member of Parliament for Tati West.

What hurt the most was when he was being continuously hit with the back of the gun.

“Now that’s really life threatening.”

Tibone is one of the country’s foremost businessmen. Before joining politics he worked in the public service where he rose to become a Permanent Secretary.

He retired from politics ahead of the 2014 General Elections. His commercial interests span the motor industry, finance sector, insurance, the media and property among others. Speaking of the helpless and torment he went through as he watched his wife being persecuted by his side, Tibone said the intruders were as merciless as they could be.

“These guys were merciless. It was too much for me to witness them trampling on a woman the way that they did.”

The entire ordeal took almost an hour until the criminals were disrupted by something and they fled.

“It was then that my wife untied me and l also untied her and we quickly called the police who arrived at the crime scene within a short space of time”.

He added that it should be noted that criminals are out there to threaten public security and people should be extra vigilant. He however dismissed any insinuations that the attack could be linked either to politics or business, saying it was purely criminal.

  “Our politicians are very peaceful across the political spectrum”.

The acting station commander of Broadhurst police station, detective superintendent Lengkwetse Philemon said investigations were still in their early stages. No one has so far been arrested, he said.

He said during that fateful day there had been suspicious movements around the neighborhood that were noticed by some of the neighbours. Unfortunately the neighbours did not report such suspicious people to the police.

 “As the police we are very much concerned about the increasing number of criminal activities that are being reported from Phakalane he said. As you might be aware such location attracts criminals therefore the station has increased police visibility in order to curb criminal activities”.

He appealed to the members of the public to report any suspicious people to the nearest police station and encouraged the community to fully participate in neighborhood watch.


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