Thursday, April 25, 2024

Former Notwane manager dies

Former Notwane manager, Gomolemo Mothuba, died on Tuesday after a short illness, which had seen him being admitted to Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone. Mothuba, aged 52, will be buried in Tobane today.

Mothuba’s relationship with Notwane goes back to1981 when he started serving in the committee. He has seen Notwane win several cups, including the Coca-Cola Cup, Super League, Newslink Cup and many more. At the time of his death, Mothuba was no longer in the committee but he hardly missed the club’s games.

Most of the players who played under the likeable manager were this week trying to come to terms with the loss of the man who built their futures.

“I treated him like my father and I believe I’m what I am today because of his guidance. I learnt from him that as a player you need to be disciplined (on and off the field). That’s what he emphasized after almost every training session at Notwane. As players, we learnt a lot from his guidance and I shall forever remain grateful,” said the current Notwane manager, Thazo Tiwayi. He added that before the sudden death of Mothuba, he used to get lots of advice from him on how to run the team.

Tiwayi pointed out that even when the team ran short of something prior to their games, Mothuba used to help financially. He added that in Mothuba, Notwane have lost one of the pillars as he ensured that the club remains in topflight football despite the difficulties they encountered.
Former Notwane midfielder Fabian Zulu said, “He is the best manager I have worked with since I played for Notwane. He treated us like his sons and advised us on how to live a better life outside football. Take an example of his sons, Ndobani and Toba, they’re into business because of the guidance of their father. He did not want to see them suffering.”

Zulu asserted that he would forever remain grateful to the old man. According to Brown Gasemotho, when he was still playing at Notwane, Mothuba ensured that they were a happy bunch. The former Notwane striker added that they learnt from Mothuba that football needs someone who is patient.

“He had very good negotiating skills (when recruiting players). To show his commitment to the club, he used his resources to ensure that Notwane survived. We’ll sorely miss him,” said Gasemotho.
His son Ndobani who plays for Notwane after several years at Township Rollers said, “My father loved football so much.”

He is survived by his wife, two sons and two daughters.


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