Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Former police chief misled Tswapong North villagers

Tswapong North residents who have been waiting for a police station in Tsetsebye as promised by former Commissioner of Police were disappointed this week when they learnt that government never had any such plans.

It emerged in Parliament on Friday morning that the former Commissioner of Police misled Tswapong North village authorities during a kgotla meeting that a police station would be built at or near Tsetsebye.

The former Commissioner was caught out following a parliamentary question tabled by Tswapong North MP, Thebe Mogami, who had asked the minister to confirm ?the correctness of the assurance given to the Chief, Councilor and the Village Development Committee of Tsetsebye by the former Commissioner of Police at a Kgotla meeting that a police station would be built at or near Tsetsebye.?

Presidential Affairs and Public Administration Minister, Phandu Skelemani, explained that ?no decision has ever been taken to relocate Bainesdrift or to build an additional police station at or near Tsetsebye.?

Skelemani said the only thing he could confirm was that Bainesdrift Police Station is planned for renovation during the current plan period (NDP9). The renovation will entail a new office block and twenty houses. Bainesdrift is about 48 kilometers from Tsetsebye.


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