Sunday, March 3, 2024

Francistown City Council swimming under insurmountable corruption levels

Despite the fact that measures continue to be developed and implemented to ensure anti-corruption laws are enforced in the country, the city of Francistown continues to experience a disturbing number of corruption cases.
This was said by the City Mayor, Sylvia Muzila during a full council meeting on Monday.

She said in Francistown alone there are 28 reported cases which were investigated between the months of March and November 2014.

The cases included bribery to obtain public services, abuse of office by public officers, conflict of interest and contract fraud amongst others. 

“This is a clear indication that corruption is still a problem in the city and therefore I urge the public to play a role in ensuring that the issue does not get out of hand. Let me take this opportunity to also urge everyone of you to continue playing a positive role in fighting corruption in whatever way possible” said the Mayor.

She also raised concern over money that is owed to the City Council in the form of Service Levy arrears, building material loan (BML) and property rates.

“As I speak to you today the council is owed an amount of P54 million for property rates, P8 million for service levy and an amount of P5million for building material loans. I urge councillors to encourage the residents of Francistown to pay for these services as the money is required to meet the council’s recurrent expenditure obligations, to sustain service provision and to supplement the revenue support grant from the government,” added the mayor.

On a positive note, Muzila applauded the Francistown Region for its level of commitment in education as evidenced by the best performance of its schools in both the 2014 Primary school leaving examinations (PSLE) and Junior Certificate Examinations (JCE).

“Our schools performed very well in the 2014 Primary Schools Leaving Examinations and the Junior Certificate Leaving Examinations. This is commendable,” she said.

Touching on other important issues, the Mayor said construction of a Junior Secondary School in Gerald Estates location is a welcome development as its completion will go a long way in addressing challenges faced by those who reside at Gerald Estates and the surrounding communities. Muzila revealed that the project was awarded at a total of P133 million.

“Construction started on the 27th October 2014 and it is expected to complete by 26 January 2016,” she said.
On construction of the Tonota/Francistown road, Muzila said work is progressing well despite some few challenges and delays. The project is expected to cost government close to P1 billion. Muzila said the project is currently 65.9 percent complete against the planned 69.1 percent. She also said that the project is expected to be completed on the 8th of November 2015.


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