Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Francistown’s underground veteran rapper back on hip hop scene

After disappearing from the lime light for almost a decade, Francistown underground veteran rapper is back in the arena with a bang.

Ofentse Seboko, who goes by the stage name of Bicko Gee, is a rapper who is known for his astounding rap skills.

Raised in Monarch, one of the rough locations of Francistown, Bicko Gee is a respected rapper who has shared the stage with international and local artists since the late 90’s.

Bicko Gee, who is 30, hails from Tonota Village in the Central District. He traces his love for hip hop to his days at Junior Secondary School.

“I recently released a 21 track EP (Extended Play) CD called To whom it may Koncern, and it is just a sample of my upcoming album next year,” he said.

Although he could not mention the name of his upcoming album, he said that the album is set to elevate the status of hip hop with its conscious lyrical content and quality.

Bicko Gee, who is a member of another Francistown hip hop group called the Sick Bunch, has also done some joint tracks with the crew and they have a single album and two mix tapes which were released early this year.

“My style of rap is like social commentary; in other words, I express real life issues,” he told the Sunday Standard.

He said that his album is owed to one local producer in Francistown, Bangu, who contributed significantly in its production. He went on to say that The EP sample, which is done mostly in Setswana, comprises of songs which appeal to different audiences.

The rapper added that the songs have messages on HIV/ Aids, Car Accidents and different other social ills.

“Hip Hop is not all about rapping and battling of rappers, but it has to conceptualize and address real issues to people and that is how people can relate to you,” he said.

He went on to say that he wants to put Francistown back on the map as it is the mother city of hip hop music in the country.

He added that most talented rappers are from Francistown and gave the example of rappers such as the Sick Bunch crew, Damaj and Dice.

Bicko Gee, however, lamented the state of hip hop in Botswana saying that the youngsters are adopting hip hop styles which are way below the real essence of the music. He added that most of their songs lack quality and message.

Among the international artists who inspired him, he mentions famous rappers like Big Daddy Kane, Niggas With Attitude (NWA) and Kriss Kross. However, the rapper concluded by saying that music is an art that needs dedication and passion.


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