Saturday, March 2, 2024

Fraud claims surrounds Chaba’s transfer

Controversy over the transfer of one of Botswana’s finest volleyball player, Tracy Chaba to Egypt is threatening to snowball into charges of fraud against Botswana Volleyball Federation (BVF).

Following the defaulter protests that arose when the player turned up for Kutlwano in the Mascom Volleyball league games last weekend, allegations have now emerged that transfer rules were flouted when the player was transferred to Egypt.  

In the wake of the ‘defaulter storm,’ Kutlwano Volleyball Club has pointed a finger at the Botswana Volleyball Federation (BVF), accusing the mother body of malpractice over Tracy Chaba’s transfer to Egyptian giants Zamalek Volleyball Club.

Speaking in an interview, Kutlwano Volleyball Club head coach Isaac Samuel said the team was never involved in the transfer process of the player as per the rules and regulations of both the BVF and the F├®d├®ration Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB). According to the rules, as Chaba’s club of origin, the team should have been involved in her transfer and were entitled to ‘a transfer fee.’ As such, Kutlwano feels Chaba’s transfer was unlawful.

“As per our knowledge of international transfers and registration for players we should have been involved in the process because the player was ours so that we can release her properly with the help of the federation but they decided to go behind our back to clear her,” Samuel said.

The FIVB electronic international transfer procedure states that “The receiving club shall pay transfer fee to the players’ federation of Origin and club of Origin if any”

Sunday Standard has learnt that BVF have been not following the FIVB rules because they consider the local league an unprofessional setup that don’t meet the professional setup requirements.

Contrary to what we learnt from the above statement, Coach Samuel said they were always involved in all their previous international transfers but this time around things turned the wrong way.

“This time around BVF was behind the move of our player to Egypt and we also decided not to intervene as we thought they were just making greener pastures to the player since she is passionate about the sport and making a living out of it. Our primary thought was that the player was going for international training not transfer that’s why we did not have any problem with that but all her previous transfers we were  partially involved even when she went to Algeria we knew everything regarding the move,” he stressed.

According to our sources it is alleged that the President of BVF Daniel Molaodi and Vice President technical George Keotsene also attempted to stop the player from playing citing her incomplete transfer documents that does not allow her to play.

“Keotsene called and sent a text message while he was on his way to Lobatse on saturday to notify the organizing committee not to play Chaba because her transfer was still pending, unfortunately upon his arrival the game was already in progress while Chaba was hitting the ball hard as she always does in the field of play” said the source.

On his part Coach Samuel said they were told not play Chaba by a certain BVF official as per the President instructions which they did not understand as the club because they did everything that they were requested to by the BVF before using the player.

“BVF requested us to write a letter to them so that they activate our player and we did exactly that, the next thing they make unnecessary threats to us though they are the ones who know how they sold our player to Zamalek without our concern and why would they make it difficult to register her. There is maladministration within the BVF that need to be investigated” added.

He further stated that the club’s vice chairperson Kagiso Mesele has approached the federation demanding answers and clarity concerning Chaba’s transfer.

“In fact we have approached the BVF before regarding the same issue but they just sat on it and we also didn’t want to implicate the player in order to protect her future record. We don’t work with contracts in the current setup and there is no binding clause to players but it does not mean that they should do as they please” added Samuel.

When reached for comment the BVF Vice President technical George Keotsene said “I am sorry, I am not going to answer that. Allow relevant office to look at the facts before then and make their ruling, only then BVF can make an official statement”

The President of the federation Daniel Molaodi’s phone rang unanswered.

Meanwhile BVF has confirmed this publication that they have not yet received any formal complaint in form of protest from the concerned teams.


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