Saturday, February 27, 2021

FTown mayor bemoans poor youth business plans

Francistown Mayor, James Kgalajwe has expressed worry over failure by the youth in Francistown to draft quality business proposals saying that the challenge hinders them from accessing Youth Development Funds (YDF).

Briefing a full council meeting on Monday, he said that according to the statistics from the Department of Youth, out of 20 applications received from Francistown during the 2nd quarter of this year, only two projects were approved from Francistown West Constituency amounting to P198 255.00, five from Francistown East Constituency at a tune of P461 403.95 while none was approved from the Francistown South Constituency.

“The total budget approved for the District is P6, 000, 000.00, the total amount of 18 projects approved is P1, 590, 370. 20 and the remaining balance is P4, 409, 629.80 which was not utilized,” he said.

He encouraged the youth to visit the youth offices and attend workshops so that they can be assisted on how to make good business proposals.

On a positive note, Kgalajwe said that the Department of Youth recently held workshops on YDF to 147 young people from all constituencies in Francistown on the 4th to the 5th of November 2013. He said that the workshops targeted young people who had expressed interest in starting their own businesses and oriented them on various aspects of businesses including some available opportunities that they can venture in.

“This will help them to make informed decisions to come up with proposals which will later on be submitted to Department of Youth for possible funding,” he said.

He also said that the Department of Youth in Francistown has managed to hold three consultative meetings with Youth Empowerment Schemes (YES) attachees who are attached at various organizations. He said that the aim of the consultative meetings is to get feedback from them regarding their experiences and general wellbeing, as well as ideas on how the scheme could be improved.

“100 attachees were reached and it has come to light that there is need for collaboration between the Department of Youth and organizations where they are attached. The intention is to start consultations with these organizations,” he said.

Kgalajwe further said that the Department of Youth conducted a Northern Youth Pitso workshop in Maun from the 23 to the 26 of September and the objective of the workshop was to accord the youth the opportunity to meet and deliberate on issues that influence their lives, facilitate dialogue between young people, parents and community leaders as well as to strengthen and reinforce relationships between the youths. He said that participants were thereafter given the opportunity to come up with resolutions and suggestions as to how they feel their lives could be enhanced through the various programmes and interventions.

“The youth pitso was preceded by a District Mini Pitso held in Francistown on the 1st of August 2013 from which a total of 20 youths were selected from the mini Pitso to represent the city of Francistown at the main pitso. 17 youths ultimately represented Francistown at the Pitso,” he said.


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