Thursday, April 18, 2024

Ftown poet publishes ‘Voice of the Voiceless’

Although he is new in the poetry arts arena, Kabelo Maano, a Francistown based poet, is swiftly carving a name for himself in the poetry industry. The 37-year-old poet, who also works as an Electrical Technician at Tati Nickel Mining Company in Francistown, has published a book, Voice of the voiceless, which was published by Xbliry Publishers in London, England.

Speaking to The Telegraph last week, Maano said that the book has twenty poems and is a masterpiece that is set to leave the readers yearning for more.

“This book, Voice of the Voiceless, contains poems that talk about the things that happen every day in the lives of many people. The poems speak about life, love and everything that comes in between. Each piece in this compilation has a story to tell or a message to convey,” he said.

He also said that the book contains poems that resonate the deep voice within those who are failing to express themselves. He added that the poems are meant to take readers on an inspiring poetic journey that offers delight, insight and hope.

“These poems are woven straight from my heart and they are a reflection of my soul. Readers will find these pieces not only amusing, but also captivating and affecting,” he said.

‘You are the corner brick / That builds the walls of my heart / To make it a golden house / In which love resides’ so he begins one of his best poems, “Adored One”, which he says is an expression of his fascination and love for his wife. ┬á

Maano said that most of his poems express the depths of his emotions and offer his readers a glimpse of his heart and soul.

“Poetry has always been my life and the person who really made me to love poetry is my brother who passed away in 1986. He used to read poems to me and I would then recite these poems and the habit ultimately transformed itself into a passion,” Maano said.

He added that the book has other poems which are meant to address different issues that are currently haunting the country, such as alcoholism, HIV/Aids and passion killings.

He expressed gratitude towards his family and friends whom he said have continued to encourage him to follow his passion.

“This book will be available in bookstores at the beginning of September and is yet to be shipped from England. A copy will cost P127.00,” he said.


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