Thursday, February 29, 2024

Funzi collaborates with BW Jobs 4 Graduates

Funzi, a revolutionary mobile learning and information services platform for emerging markets founded in February 2014 in Finland, has joined forces with BW Jobs 4 Botswana.

The partnership will give BW Jobs 4 Graduates access to the learning tool to make it easier for both graduates and their potential employers to identify each other.

“Our aim is to enable local communities to thrive and help them become stronger and more powerful. That’s why Funzi only develops global services that are implemented in collaboration with our local partners,” Funzi’s Aape Pohjavirta told Sunday Standard. ?He says the collaboration with BW Jobs 4 Graduates is a perfect example.

“The contact was established by our mutual partner, Marlon Parker of RLabs, a World Economic Forum future African Leader from South Africa. We quickly started the first phase of partnership where Funzi is used to deliver learning to BW Jobs 4 Graduates,” said Pohjavirta.

The next phases include creating more locally relevant services and integration with the local business community.

The first African services were launched in South Africa with RLabs and in Tanzania in collaboration with KINU and TANZICT. The plan, he says, was to first verify that their design and technical approaches worked and after that start expansion into other markets.

“We have been involved in the creation of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems for a long time globally and thus know that existing physical communities can gain a lot from being able to extend their reach beyond the physical locations or web-based Internet that they use today. Mobile is the medium of today,” he said. He added that Funzi’s business relationship with BW Jobs 4 Graduates is a standard one where the end-users do not pay for the use of service [except for possible data costs].

“We create our revenues in the local market, building partnerships with organizations that see the social or commercial value in the short- and long-term learning outcomes, the badges and certificates from the service.” Pohjavirta says the company shares the revenues with the local partners the same way Apple and Google share the revenues. “The local partner receives 70 percent and we get 30 percent that we use to develop and maintain the service.”?Funzi is a service that enables learning to happen wherever and whenever the user wants to do it. It provides the user with the knowledge to develop personal and professional skills necessary for the job market.

It delivers the learning content in an easy-to-use package and also allows the service provider to verify that learning has taken place. “This means that in future Funzi could be used to verify the skills of the job candidates,” Pohjavirta says. BW Jobs for Graduates mobilises ICT technologies and social networking to support and facilitate recruitment of young migrants into decent jobs and promote regional integration and mobility in Southern Africa. It is registered under the Ministry of Home Affairs and associated with the Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC). It was formed in 2012 to help address the escalating rate of unemployment among young people.


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