Thursday, July 7, 2022

G4 SECURITY holds its annual leadership programme initiative

The Botswana G4 Security was this year the host of the G4 Publicly Limited Company (G4 PLC) leadership delegation host, an annual event of the multinational security provider.

The event was held at Botswana Craft and aims at developing security personnel who will serve customers with diligence and commitment.

Giving opening remarks, the Botswana G4 Security managing Director, Mr. Percy Raditladi, said it was of their pleasure to have for the first time in Botswana, the presence of some of the top management of G4S. He applauded the presence of the Regional President for G4S Sub Sahara, Mr. Willen Van de Ven, who is the board member and a senior member of the G4S PLC and Regional Management Team.

Also of remarkable importance was the Head of Executive Development for G4S, Mr. Mike Alsop, who in his appreciation remarks, recognized and praised the overwhelming beauty, hospitality and friendliness of the people of Botswana.

Alsop laid down some of the values of G4S which, over the years, have helped them stay over the industry, stating that as G4S they pride themselves in market and strategic planning, people leadership and organization as well as taking care of their companies finance. He said marketing and communications, which involves interacting with customers, employees and governments has also helped them stay at the top of the industry.

Botswana G4S has received in hosting this event close to P1 million in hotel accommodation, meals, airport fairs, car and bus rental, airline charters and tourist excursions in areas such as Kasane and Okavango Delta, something which Mr. Raditladi commended as a recognizable tourism investment in Botswana.

Raditladi further thanked the government of Botswana for allowing G4S to operate in the Botswana market, saying, not only did they improve the security standard in Botswana, but they have, through entering the Botswana Security Market as a 70 percent shareholder in Inco holdings, paid P30 million which was a premium of 17.4 per cent on the shares at the time. Between January 2004 and June 2009 Botswana G4S cumulatively generated P75 million in after profits. From these profits, P37.5 million was pumped back into the business.

“However, given that the share price had risen over time from P5.40 in 2003 to P23.60 today, the local shareholders continued to get a windfall as many have seen their stocks rise by 333 per cent and many have sold their shares to get millions of pula,” he said.

Raditladi further went on to state that during 2004 to date, G4S Botswana generated P341 million of revenues and that if the 26 million pula that went to G4S PLC was subtracted, 315 million, which is over a quarter of a billion, remained in Botswana, something healthy for the economy of the country. 200 million was spent on employee salaries while 20 million was paid out as company taxes.

Raditladi further revealed that G4S remains as one of the top domestically listed companies in the Botswana Stock Exchange employers with 955 employees in 2004 to 2 600 as of today.

The leadership program, since its inception, has seen participants touring twelve international countries like the UK, U.S.A, Peru, Argentina, South Africa, India, Hon Kong, India, Malaysia, Greece, Australia, Nederland’s and now Botswana.

Gracing the event with Tswana cultural music was the award winning cultural, and international touring traditional troupe Cultural Spears and Botswana renowned Choral Choir Sedibeng Choral Music Choir.


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