Monday, June 24, 2024

G4S Security Services donates computers to Lifeline Botswana

Botswana’s leading security service company, G4S, on Friday handed over a total of four computers (250gig hard disc drive) to Lifeline Botswana, which offers counseling services.

G4S Acting General Manager, Molefe Matlhape, told the audience that he derived pleasure from being associated with community targeted corporate social responsibility initiatives.

“It is motivating to interact with different stake holders. As part of our social responsibility, each year we identify organizations that we strongly believe can benefit the Botswana communities. We chose to donate to LifeLine Botswana for that reason,” said Matlhape.

He also encouraged others in the corporate business community and individuals to continue extending their hand to LifeLine Botswana.

The gesture, which has now become a common feature of G4S’s regular corporate social responsibility practice, was borne of compassion and the desire to participate in a just caring nation worth the ideals espoused by the country’s Vision 2016.

LifeLine Board Chairman, Dumi Lopang, delightedly mentioned that he had to do more charitable work so he joined Lifeline.

”We are here to help emotionally unwell society and when hearts give out, they give the best and LifeLine has recently gone through rebranding,” said Lopang.

He lamented the fact that NGOs generally have a problem of being funded.

Receiving the computers, LifeLine Director, Vivian Gunda, said that some of the projects they have done for the community before include, training students and assisting them in the establishment of school clubs, working with out of school pupils in Maun and offered training.

“We will continue to provide our services to the nation freely and we want to see the members of the community living happy, healthy and emotionally balanced lives,” said Gunda.

LifeLine is a member of the Botswana Council for Non-Governmental Organizations governed by a board of Directors. It was established in 1999 as an NGO under the guidance of LifeLine International, which has offered counseling services since 1963.

Marie Sola, a LifeLine Volunteer, expressed happiness for the relationship between the two organizations, saying the interactions have boosted their morale.
“This donation has really elevated our spirits; we thank you G4S for listening to where there is need and we try your best to assist the community,” said Sola.


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