Thursday, July 7, 2022

Gabane leadership accepts House of Hope

A week before the country commemorated the Day of the Elderly, a Gabane organization called the House of Hope was introduced to the village’s leadership. The Chief of the village, Kgosi Seeletso Pule, took the introduction as the opportune moment to urge leadership committees in his village to be united.

Kgosi Pule bemoaned the fact that the committees in his village seemed to enjoy ostracising themselves instead of working as one team. This, he said, could provide breeding ground for selfish, ulterior motives.

Presenting her eleven-member committee, House of Hope’s interim Vice Chairperson, Nnaniki Makwinja, told the village leadership comprising of Kgosi, headmen, Village Development Committees and the Trust that House of Hope existed long time ago.

But she and her committee recently found that there was need to extend love and show token of appreciation to elderly people in the village for the support they gave the community. That brought about the birth of the new properly-run organization that will cater for such needs.

It was initially run by the chief’s mother, Rosina Pule, and other elderly people. At the time, the house provided accommodation for people whose friends had disowned after they grew old and lost employment.

The committee then got assistance from good Samaritans, such as Maruapula School and various overseas donors. Her committee has resolved to upgrade the house and its services for the benefit of elderly people – a hospice.

“Our elderly people should have a place where their needs could be addressed. They should have a house where they can be attended to by medical people and other trained personnel. They should also have a place where they can interact with their age mates and beat loneliness. That is why we registered this house as an association so that we can be able to scout for funds once a suitable plot has been found. We recently were given a refrigerator by some company. After learning that children have to travel to get medicines just because there was no fridge in our local clinic we transferred it to the clinic through this kgotla,” said Makwinja.

She added that elderly people are reliable sources from whom young people can learn cultural norms.
She added that they intended doing something superb for the elderly during Independence Day. They thus needed support of the other leadership and the community at large.

Kgosi commended her and her committee for bringing the fridge to the kgotla. The fridge is still in the kgotla premises because of Council’s procedure that dictates that a donated property like that should first be registered in the Council’s inventory to ensure security.

The Matron, who should execute proceedings, was still on leave so they will have to wait for her.


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