Monday, December 5, 2022

Gaborone arts festival takes shape

The 5th edition of the Gaborone Arts Festival, an annual event that accords artists an opportunity to showcase their talent in the different artistic fields, is set to roll out.

The Gaborone Arts Festival (GAF), founded by Ouma Rammidi in 2008, is a platform for Batswana artists to showcase their local talent, network, grow and support themselves through art.

“The bigger picture for this platform is to introduce, promote and brand Botswana arts and crafts in the local and international markets,” said Rammidi.

When GAF came into play it had one exhibitor who was its founder but the festival has been growing over the years. This year it expects more than 10 exhibitors. “We cannot compare ourselves with countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa where art industry is fully developed and doing well,” she said.

The visual arts artist believes that through education, support and nurturing, local artists have the ability to compete and supply their products in global chain stores.

“Since art appreciation locally is still at an infant stage, we believe that through this platform we will be able to educate both artists and citizens about the benefits and survival through arts and crafts,” said Rammidi.

GAF was set up to unearth creative local talent and exposes it to the outside world. Showcased products must be 100 percent and include locally handmade categories such as pottery, paintings, sculptures, beadwork, fashion and fabrics, dance, and song.

All the artists interested in taking part must register at Airport Junction Mall Centre Management and are required to pay P500.00 per stall, Performing Artists P450.00 per person and Groups P750.00 per group.

The annual event caters for both children and adults and envisions a future where Batswana Artists are recognized as being both creative and entrepreneurial.

“ It is a platform dedicated to support local artists from all walks of life to gather, network, get exposure, be inspired and empowered to be the change in their own lives, within their communities and around the world,” said Rammidi. The GAF is billed for 15 to 16 December 2012 at Airport Junction Mall Gaborone, starting from 9am until 7pm.


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