Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Gaborone mayor scoffs at BDP’s ‘backdoor appointees’

Gaborone City mayor Kagiso Thutlwe has lashed at government and the ruling party for appointing people who were rejected by voters during elections to lead district councils.

Speaking at a Botswana Congress Party rally in Maun over the weekend, he blamed lack of developments at such districts due to “back door leadership.”

Such people, he said, were given positions out of pity.

The results, he said is that such people can only do that which their masters want.

“We have a lot of backdoor material in this country. How then are we expected to trust such people with the delivery of services to our people?”

He said appointing people who have lost begs the question of just what elections are for.

He stated he is not scared of questioning some crooked leaders in the BDP because by virtue of him being at the helm of the biggest city in the country, he is duty bound to see that it is run smoothly.

“They might be in power and I am fine with that. However they are well aware and should realize that as city mayor they are my people as well as at some point they will adhere by decisions I make.”

Also speaking at the rally was Botswana National Front Central Committee member Eitlhopha Mokeresete who revealed that he was more than delighted by the recent opposition party alliance as he believes it will assist to bring the BDP down.

He said it is from the coalition also, where accomplished leaders will emerge.

Mokeresete pointed out that now that parties will work alongside each other constituencies such as the Okavango and Maun West will be retained by the opposition under the Umbrella for Democratic Change. He echoed Thutlwe’s sentiments about the running of district councils, adding that there is too much laxity in the running of the Northwest District Council (NWDC) as it has already been rated among worst performing councils in the entire country.

As for institutions such as the Tawana Landboard, he said they are a disgrace following recent demolitions of houses long allocated before advent of land boards.

BMD councilor Pelokgale Monyame decried the state of poverty and unemployment.

In recent years for example, he said there has been a rise in company registrations which is not helping because tenders are not awarded in good faith. Monyame noted also that while it is a known fact that Botswana has farming land in abundance, unemployment numbers continue to escalate because almost all produce is exported and packaged in neighboring countries and in that way only benefit people in those countries because it is there that jobs are generated.


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