Thursday, September 21, 2023

Gaborone mountain bikers still riding high

“May your trails be crooked, winding, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds?” These beautiful words which preface one of Edward Abbey’s most popular books: Desert Solitaire will come to life today (Sunday) as Gaborone mountain bikers pedal their way through the winding trails of the picturesque Mokolodi Nature Reserve for the 15th Pick n Pay Mokolodi Scorpion Mountain Bike Race.
This year the partnership between Gaborone Cycling Club and Pick n Pay which  brings together 150 cyclers and close to 50 runners will not only make the dust fly but will also bring sunshine to conservationists. 
“The organisers of the Pick n Pay Mokolodi Scorpion Mountain Bike Race chose Mokolodi as a venue deliberately. This is to assist the Mokolodi Wildlife with their conservation efforts of which Pick n Pay is proud to be part of,” said Pick n Pay Director’s Secretary Keoagile Moagae.
Moagae says the occasion is a family event and encouraged participant to bring their family along for a beautiful outing in the charming and scenic Mokolodi wilderness.
Gaborone Cycling Club Chairman Seamus O’Neill said, “Mokolodi is also providing educational sessions for children, the book lady of conservation education centre will pick them up and give them a couple of hours of conservation wildlife discussion.”
Rodney Brill, one of the Pick n Pay Managers says Pick n Pay is proud to assist the event, as well as support the children as they come for their educational tours. And hopefully when they return home they will educate their parents and friends on conservation.
The event includes a 10km and 5km run. There will also be a motor biking section; 50km, 30km and 20km. Brill said the price money will be for the 50km riders while the 30 and 20km are not competitive. In the running day there is a 10km and 5km trial run with the 10km being competitive and 5km being a run run.
“Pick n Pay input is about P75 000 and the price money is about P10 000, P6000 goes to cycling side P4000 for the running and the balance of the money will be given to Mokolodi for the conservation education fund,” said O’Neill.



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