Thursday, August 18, 2022

Gaborone’s sponsored big guns are floundering

Giants, Gaborone United (GU) and Township Rollers look to once again be heading for a trophy-less season. Almost every week they play, supporters leave the field with their heads down. Just from the beginning of the league, which is heading for a recess, things started falling apart for Rollers but they recuperated in a few games down the line; and now they look to be back to their unimpressive form. Their last week’s 3-1 loss to rejuvenated Extension Gunners was a bitter pill to swallow, especially for their supporters.

Supporters could not believe it after Rollers missed many glorious chances against youthful Gunners. The situation is even worse at GU who conceded seven goals in two games without even scoring a single goal in reply. It all started against Centre Chiefs who hammered them 4-0 before Police rounded off with a 3-0 drubbing on Thursday. Reports from the stadium suggest that GU supporters were angry to the extent of calling for the coach’s head saying he is letting the team down. What is so astonishing about the two giants is the fact that both teams have lucrative sponsorships and envied players, but they are not delivering to expectations.

For GU, they are viewed as their own enemies for letting coaches go when they are needed the most. Look Masomere left under unclear circumstances. GU officially said they could not agree on the new contract with Masomere while those close to Masomere say the team has never negotiated a new contract with him. Just before Masomere came he was in the same predicament as the incumbent Shammie Hunidzarira finds himself in.

Masomere came in the middle of the season and found it hard to put the team together. But in the end he prevailed as he guided the team to an unprecedented fourth position in the league. Upon realising that things were getting out of hand, he brought with him three quality players, strikers Sageby Sandaka and Edmore Mufema together with midfielder Itayi Gwandu. After the trio arrived, results started flooding in. Nevertheless, even before the three players arrived, Masomere did not lose by wide margins. Some people within GU circles are not surprised by the string of wide losses the team suffers. Those who were close to Masomere indicated that the new coach would find it hard to work with the players because Masomere knew them from the time they were young. On the other hand, GU spokesperson, Atamelang Thaga, has appealed to the supporters not to press panic buttons.

He said they have been losing because they are rebuilding and results are forthcoming. “Supporters have to bear in mind that we have a new coach and he is still getting used to the team. He is on a rebuilding process and soon the results will be trickling in. It is difficult to accept the losses we have been going through but football is full of surprises,” he said. Thaga also did not condone the unruly behaviour of some of their supporters who booed their players once they touched the ball against Police XI. He said that could demoralise the players and they should just be patient. GU is now in their third season since coming from the First Division and they are yet to win any silverware. Township Rollers are adamant that the downward spiral of the team will soon come to an end. The Managing Director of the team, Somereset Gobuiwang told Sunday Standard that Rollers are going to skin alive their opponents in the coming games. He said the technical team is working around the clock to rectify the team’s problems. “I can assure you Rollers are going to be unstoppable in the coming games. Our technical team is doing all what it can to rectify our problems. Even our supporters must not despair because great things will soon be coming to the team,” he said. Gobuiwang also said their highly rated Burundian international would not play yesterday (Saturday) against Tafic because his papers are still being sorted out. The player is reported to be an attack-minded midfielder who can penetrate any opposition defence.


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