Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Galaxy itching for a fight as they await protest verdict


Jwaneng Galaxy football is praying justice will prevail when the Botswana Premier League (BPL) delivers its verdict on their protest.

Galaxy has protested the rescheduled match between Township Rollers and Miscellaneous after the latter failed to honour the fixture in the first instance.

The match was rescheduled by the Botswana Football Association (BFA) National Executive Committee (BFA NEC) after it had deemed the match was not properly scheduled.

Galaxy is of the view that the BFA does not have the powers and authority to adjudicate on matters of discipline.

The case was heard last week Tuesday by the BPL disciplinary committee and the ruling is expected to be delivered this coming Tuesday.

Whatever the outcome, the Jwaneng based outfit have made it known they are determined to fight until justice is met.

According to the team secretary, Onkamile Robert, if need be, and if they are not satisfied with the outcome, they will fight further even if it means going beyond the borders.

In the BFA constitution there is no clause that direct the BFA NEC to listen and adjudicate protest or matters of discipline.

“We are not going to be deterred from pursuing justice. We are doing it for the future because we do not want the reoccurrence of the similar situation,” charged Robert. He said they want fairness in the game like the FIFA slogan say, “fair play”.

“We want to see a clean league. We want all the teams to win clean like we also want to win clean. We will seek fairness until it is granted and football statutes must be followed not emotions,” the determined Robert explained why they will fight on.

He said they will be resilient and focused in fighting their protest and will only sleep when the case has been rightfully determined by a competent authority.

Last week the BPL hosted the league awards in which Galaxy won three of the awards. One wonders what will happen if the case favours Galaxy.

“We are not saying the league should be taken from Rollers but we want fairness and justice. We want all the teams to win but win clean,” he said.

The Galaxy secretary is of the view that the delay in determining their case is worrying and raises eyebrows.

Robert believe his team has strong case because initially the matter was acknowledged during the BPL board meeting that their case is among those which were pending only to be ruled by BFA NEC later.

On June 4th, after Galaxy writing a letter to the BPL enquiring about their case and when will it be heard, the BPL prosecutor, Mike Rasetshwane told them that their case will not be heard because it ha already the BFA NEC which is an upper structure has made a determination on the matter.


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