Thursday, May 30, 2024

Galaxy threaten to throw league into gas and dust


On Friday football club Galaxy wrote a letter to the Botswana Premier League (BPL) requesting answers on a protest they have filed against the rescheduled league fixture between Township Rollers and Miscellaneous.

On the 7th of May this year, the Jwaneng based outfit wrote a letter to the BPL questioning the legality of the game which was played on the evening of that very same day.

Back then, Galaxy contended that the rescheduled game between Rollers and Miscellaneous was ‘unlawful and improperly fixtured’ and demanded the last round of league games to be suspended to allow a decision on the matter.

However, it seems the team never received any response from the BPL. Despite their request for the league to be stayed pending the resolution of their protest, the league continued and Rollers were crowned champions.

Now, given that Rollers failed to win their last game, Galaxy has once again written a follow up letter to the BPL Chief Executive Officer, Thabo Styles Ntshinogang seeking answers.

“Our letter dated 07 May 2019 of protest, to date we have not received any formal response from your office which we find to be grossly unfair” read part of the letter.

The league finished a week ago and Rollers have since been crowned the league champions. They were given a floating trophy and medals.  Galaxy fear the outcome of the case might be blighted by the fact that medals cannot be brought depending on the outcome of the case.

“We wish to kindly remind you that we have a statutory right to be heard, as prescribed by BFA statutes. We have noted that you have decided to award 2018/19 league Championship. This is despite us having lodged a protest which is yet to be heard before your respectable and well recognized structures” wrote Onkamile Robert, Galaxy Secretary General.

“Based on the current log standings issued by your office, you will accept that a successful outcome in our favor will affect the final log standings. In this regard we pray and hope that the matter won’t be predetermined or have any form of coercing” Robert reminded Ntshinogang of the possibilities of the case outcome.

“In the spirit of fairness and natural justice we hereby request an urgent date on which our protest will be heard by the relevant structure so that this matter may be put to rest and mitigate against any further inconvenience and embarrassment to our lovely sport” Galaxy secretary does not want further embarrassment.

Galaxy in their follow up letter assured the league of their positive involvement in league and the lovely sport.

“We will be banking and relying on yourselves to allow purity and cleanliness in this sport” Galaxy prayed for fair play.

The historic fixture was rescheduled after the Botswana Football Association (BFA) instituted an inquiry on what might had led to the fixture not be honoured as it was scheduled. Miscellaneous did not honour the fixture sighting late notifications and that they were supposed to play week 23 home against Notwane.

The BFA inquiry established that the fixture was not properly scheduled and also found out that often the fixtures were unlawfully tempered with as per the original plan.

They recommended that the management committee be reinstated so that premier league board chairpersons will be put far from interfering with fixturing and influencing unnecessary changes to the league schedule.

Rollers honoured the fixture that never was and Miscellaneous did not show up. Nothing was taken against Miscellaneous despite prior threats by the BPL CEO, Ntshinogang that if they did not attend the match appropriate action will be taken against them.


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