Friday, December 2, 2022

Galla Empire aims to conquer BW music industry

The music industry in Botswana has been negatively affected by low sales volumes and lack of support from the public, which is usually attributed to low production quality.

This has deterred many young artists who were looking to earn a living through music, as only a few of their predecessors can be considered successful. However four college pals remain resolute in their determination to pursue a career in music. The talented young men met at Botswana Accountancy College (BAC) and later decided to form a music company called “Galla Empire.” This all-in-one music entertainment package houses a variety of young talented artists who sing RnB, Hip Hop, Dance Hall and Reggae. Its main focus is investing in the music and the talented artists who create it. 

One of the founders of Galla Empire, Will Wilson said the company was inspired by their belief in the idea of creating a collaborative and innovative environment where artists can thrive and reach their maximum potential. They therefore founded Galla Empire, which is essentially a pool of artists with varied talents from which prospective customers can choose depending on their preferences. Bswagga and Tyrax do the rap and RnB vocals, while Will Wilson is the Reggae or Dance Hall artist and Young Ryno focuses on the sound techniques as a DJ. The company provides options in terms of artists and music genre.

The group has managed to produce a few singles which are yet to be released. These include ‘Drink up’, ‘Rest in peace’ and ‘Six shots’ just to mention a few. The music video for ‘Six shots’ will be shot in two weeks time and produced by Druey The Beat Chap. The song ‘Rest in Peace’ is dedicated to those who have lost their loved ones while                                                                                                       ‘Happy gals’ is an easy going party jam. The single already has a music video that has enjoyed airplay on Pula Power. The ‘Happy days’ video will also be beamed on Flava Dome next week Friday.

Galla Empire has already staged performances at the past Intervarsity games and the just ended Turn up Serowe event which took place on New Year’s Eve. In recognition of the group’s talent, the Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC) has requested the group to produce for the organisation that will raise youth awareness.                                                                       After receiving the proposal, the group produced a song titled ‘Me nah I don’t trust nobody’.

“The song took us just one night to record. BNYC was really pleased with the final product,” said Will Wilson. 

Galla Empire is also expanding to retail and business, as they also have their own ‘Galla Empire’ merchandise, T-shirts, caps and water bottles which will be on sale soon.

“We are one team with one vision and one goal. We work together and produce great music that brings life lessons and messages to our viewers, listeners and fans,” said Will Wilson.


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