Sunday, September 27, 2020

Game City’s popular Caf├® Rio re-opens under new management

Friday the 23rd served as the official opening day for Caf├® Rio under its new management of directors Ms Milinha Mateus de Almeida, Maria Baiao and manager Moses Molwalefe.

We are always hard pressed to stretch our meager earnings to cover the essentials. Like car installments, TV subscriptions, school fees, bank loans and other unavoidable things.

When all has been attended to, we find that our pay is just about gone, leaving us with little for personal use.
The little money that’s left is fought over by other necessities such as fuel, and that once-in-a-while treat: a night or two out.

The global recession hasn’t helped either.

Being an optimist, I would advise one to spend the little they have left on something worthy, something personal. Something to thank yourself for working so hard. You deserve it.

Why not treat yourself not just to a night out, but a night out at Caf├® Rio at Game City.

I recently met up with a colleague and a visiting friend from Switzerland and we needed a place where we could comfortably talk, eat and relax under a personal kind of atmosphere without cutting ourselves away from the goings on around us.

Caf├® Rio is even closer to the parking lot.

We were a very surprised lot when we found out that it actually sold good food and provided excellent service.
The atmosphere inside was perfect; the lighting soft and aromas of multiple mouthwatering dishes being prepared hung in the air.

The bold rich wall complemented the d├®cor and set the mood for a great night. Starters from Caf├® Rio cost from as little as P25 and, yes, they make sense economically. Sizeable, in fact, so sizeable they could be confused with the main course.

I advise you to ask the waiter/waitress what other starters they have available because some are not listed on the menu, an omission that should be quickly remedied.

Caf├® Rio also serves traditional food, like oxtail, seswaa, morogo, etc. You will enjoy it; it’s the best restaurant in Game City.

There is also available good quality wine.

Caf├® Rio lived up to my expectations in terms of good service.
Oh! On Thursdays they have Karaoke and on Fridays, there is always a live band.
Meet you there!


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