Tuesday, August 9, 2022

GCC denies raids on vendors is discriminatory

The GCC Deputy Clerk, Ditlhogo Mmualefhe, has denied accusations that the recent raids on food vendors were discriminatory as the Council only targeted those selling in the city center, saying that the raids covered the whole city.

Asked what the long time solution for this issue would be, Mmualefhe said that they had given the vendors up until February next year to consult stake holders and that they would take appropriate action afterwards.

The raids led to one Gaborone councilor repeatedly disrupting Council meetings saying he was against the action taken against the vendors.

Meanwhile, some Gaborone City Council Assistant By-law Officers have denied claims by Mmualefhe that all is going smoothly at the department and that 68 officers had been transferred to the Environment and Health department as GCC directed.

Some officers, whom we found in front of GCC’s head office at the Gaborone Bus Station, said that it was not true that there are some officers who had been transferred to the Health and Environment department as Mmualefhe claims.

“We do not know about officers who have moved to the Department. We all assemble here each morning then go away as we have been doing now for months,” said one of the officers on Friday morning.
The officer, speaking on behalf of his colleagues who had assembled in front of the department of the By-law offices, said that they were still waiting for their seniors to address them and that they had made a decision that they would not go on transfer because they had not been consulted before the decision to transfer them was made.

“Having worked for the GCC for years, we think the GCC management should have adequately addressed us before making a decision to transfer us. We are not kids to be pushed around,” continued the officer.

Mmualefhe had said that the department made the decision to transfer the officers because they felt their services were needed more in that department than at the by-laws.

Asked if it was true that the matter was even raised with the Union representing the workers and that they had been called for a meeting which GCC failed to attend on the matter, Mmualefhe said that even if they had been called by the Union, it would have had nothing to do with the officers they had intended to transfer. He said that they had met with union leaders on several occasions to discuss various issues.


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