Monday, October 3, 2022

Gents, Monsieur now open in Game City

When Nigerian-American rapper Jidenna proudly proclaimed he was a classic man with his polished elegant look, he must have had the “Monsieur Man” in mind. 

Monsieur, which has gained a reputation for being the style bible for fashion forward and metrosexual men in Gaborone, opened its second store on the refurbished side of Game City last week. The store is what serial entrepreneur and owner Cally Phologolo describes as “the signature style for men who like to look and feel good”.

Gerald Mzwinila, the country store manager, says the idea is to reshape how retail is done in men’s clothing. “We always give our clients a distinctive experience when they walk through our doors. Our launch boasted what a typical man who appreciates fashion would love ÔÇôpremium whiskey, great music, and quality clothing. We are not only delivering a fresh take on the male look, we are rethinking how men want to shop.”

Luxury brands including D’S Damat are sold in the shop. From polished leather products to fine textured designs, Monsieur prides itself in selling suave, modern and quality clothing at an affordable price. 

“Most of our clothing is imported from alumni brands; and this is because the quality is unmatched. More men are warming to the fact that there is a place for men’s wear,” states Mzwinila.

The deluxe boutique has creative features such as a “shirt bar” and an assortment of accessories including multi tone T-shirts, ties, and leather bags. 

Mzwinila describes this variety as their unique value approach, as men get to choose what they want to wear while enjoying the superior fabric. 

“The brand speaks to both millennial guys and mature men,” he says.

“I would say one of our challenges lies in trying to demystify the idea that we are an exclusive, expensive shop. Although we sell high-end premium clothing, we do make it a point that our clients can afford them,” he highlights. 

He adds that the store believes in flawless style and caters to this.

Tapping into the local design talent, Mzwinila says they would be more than happy to feature some local clothing, with the exception that they match the quality they sell. 

“We recently opened a store in Namibia, so we are definitely setting our sights on spreading the Monsieur brand across Africa. Currently, we are in talks with some international premium brands to improve our catalogue.

“We are definitely set to nationalize where the market allows. The Monsieur brand is a citizen-owned brand that we must take pride in,” expresses Mzwinila.

For more on the store, visit their Facebook page Monsieur Collections.


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