Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Get rid of BTTA office – affiliates

Botswana Table Tennis Association (BTTA) affiliates have called for the resignation of the entire BTTA executive committee which is currently serving their last term.

The association stopped functioning and halted all of their activities as per their 2016 calendar of events since July due to “unexpected financial blackout” that dented progress.

The current executive committee’s serving period has since elapsed in August this year but still they have not yet held their annual general meeting (AGM) as per the association norms which did not go well with the general membership and affiliates.

Reports reaching this publication is that the delay is caused by late submission of financial reports. It is also reported that the committee has been awaiting the approval of their newly amended constitution from the Registrar of Societies.

The chairperson of New Horizon Table Tennis Club, Marang Ramahobo, said the poor performance of some members of the executive committee is a true reflection of absolute failure and called for their immediate resignation. He said the association was led by incompetent individuals who are pushing their personal agendas.

“The problem is not only from the top, but also the general membership contributes a lot in this mess because they can exercise their rights and powers. We are told that the association is awaiting the approval of the new constitution but all this does not have to halt the progress; the honest truth is that the leaders of this association  has failed us and they should just pave way for those who are interested in serving the nation on those positions,” he said.

He further attributed the failure to lack of communication within the association and its general membership which saw proposed ideas that could uplift the sport going down the drain.

“Right now some structures are disfunctional, the general membership can’t even pass the motions in the meetings because there is no motivation at all We failed to hold the annual top 16 tournament which due to all this mess and how are we going to deliver our duties in that case. To be honest some of these committee members are not fit to continue serving us,” added a fuming Ramahobo

Rorisang Raesima of Kanye Table Tennis Club also shared the same sentiments arguing the approval of the new constitution should not stop the running of association activities.

“Things have been on hold for a long time now but there was no any formal communication as to why. I think it is high time fresh minds occupy that office,” he said.

Modisathebe Kola of True Identity Table Tennis Club and Oabona Raditloko of Dithubaruba also expressed their disappointments on the executive committee saying their failure left them with more questions than answers.

“We didn’t expect a dull year like this because it is frustrating our new clubs. We were still trying to find our feet within the BTTA structures but we failed due to all this. The current committee did their part and let them give others a fair chance too,” said Kola.

BTTA president Lesego Maifala said the delay is only caused by the approval of the new constitution by the Registrar of Societies and nothing else despite couple of failed meetings with the affiliates.


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