Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Ghanzi Meat Festival to debut end of June

In some countries animals are worshipped, kept as house pets, masqueraded in zoos and circuses and used for labour intensive chores but here in Botswana we eat them.

For every funeral, wedding and any time Batswana get together, a few animals are slaughtered.

In true Tswana style, Kawa productions, in collaboration with various local businesses and media houses, will bring to Botswana the first ever Ghanzi Meat Festival. Unlike other meat festivals where beef was predominantly on offer, this festival will not discriminate and will offer an ‘all you can eat meat buffet’, comprising of not only beef but lots of other domestic animal and game meats as well.

At a recent media briefing, the coordinator of the event, Gregory Lesibe, described Ghanzi as “the Texas of Botswana” and also stated that their primary intention is to brand farming not only as a profession to reckon with but also as a lifestyle.

Lesibe said that animal rearing should not only be confined to the realms of supplying meat but also urged consideration of the by-products that come with it, such as the leather and trophies of the animals slaughtered.

Lesibe informed the meeting that they plan to hold the event annually and hope that in some way they will enhance the tourism sector as well.

The Press Secretary of the event, Nkamo Radipati, went in to the logistics of the event and explained that there will be accommodation in the form of modern day campsites where there will be tents, beds and hot water available. Campers will experience the fun of camping in the bush (1km out of Ghanzi) without having to compromise on the everyday luxuries and comfort of being at their own homes.

On the decks will be the renowned Disc Jockey, Dj Sid, who promises to offer a wide variety of music, ranging from old school to modern day tunes but focusing more on local music productions.
Hoping to cash in on the hype, the festival has been strategically scheduled for June 27th 2013 (a day before the Ghanzi Agricultural Show) and is expected to attract people from across the sub Saharan Africa region.


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