Wednesday, May 25, 2022

GIMC vows to bring American A-list artist next year

After hosting a successful week of various festivals that included chorals, poetry night, Jazz night and a music festival, the Gaborone International Music and Culture (GIMC) says it is planning more thrilling events.

Organiser of the show, Thapelo Pabalinga, says they plan to bring an A-list American artist next year ÔÇô an artist who is still popular by any standard in the region who will headline the music festival.

Pabalinga said that the feedback from the public has been phenomenal. As a result, they have realised that it is time to give Batswana something they have been wishing for, which is to see an American artist at the height of their career.

“Unlike some events that have brought international artist who were big stars in the past and have been forgotten now, we plan on bringing an artist who is still celebrated because we feel Batswana deserve that privilege,” he said.

Pabalinga said he has seen many Batswana travel to neighboring countries to watch their favorite American artists perform. This has him worried.

“Botswana is capable of bringing such artists too. It is just that we do not have much faith in ourselves,” he said.

”We have a very beautiful country that many international artists want to come and explore and I believe with the right sponsor we are going to find it easy to bring an artist who is still celebrated and will be appreciated by all Batswana.”

Pabalinga expressed appreciation for the support the public has given the GIMC over the week as they attended all the events in large numbers.

“We managed to get all tickets for all the events sold out and the feedback we have been getting has been positive,” he said.
“This is something the country has been missing and is certainly a welcome development in our calendar. Next year we promise to go bigger.”

Of the events, the music festival was the most popular, managing to pull a large crowd because of the diversity of the performers.
“Along with our local artists, the international artists we brought managed to excite the crowd,” he said.

Pabalinga expressed happiness that it was an incident-free event, with no reports that people got injured or had their goods stolen. This was because security was tight inside and out.

“Our investment was heavy and although we did not make much out of the festival, we hope that one day we may be able to recoup the costs,” he said.

He stressed that it is not always that one makes a profit on the first attempt, adding that they are not driven by money but by passion and the desire to make people happy.

Pabalinga said they will plough back to the community in the form of a charity donation to a deserving participant of GIMC in the weeks to come.


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