Sunday, May 29, 2022

Girls Talk brings out hidden issues into the open

The University of Botswana (UB) recently held a Youth Aids Forum, called Girls Talk.

The Forum hoped to establish the problems faced by students and how they may be solved. The forum addressed the social attachments to sex and communication between partners.

Unfortunately, not many students attended but the small group that did allowed for the students to be more open.

Students complained that female condoms are too big, and that there is psychological effect on the girls. The ladies said they do not want to insert anything into their bodies, complaining that the pain associated with the insertion of condoms is too much for some of the girls to bear.

However some argued that carrying a condom is “cool” but complained that the female condom is not promoted as much as its male counterpart, pointing out that not many shops carry female condoms.
One student said that the frequent parties at the University of Botswana leave girls exposed to contracting the HIV virus.

“Everything is possible at these parties,” she said, “Some are even making pornographic videos of themselves as couples are excited by the ideas of capturing their actions on camera.”

In some instances, she said, there are camera’s fixed on the wall in order for couples to record their sexual activities.

There are also beliefs amongst students that white girls cannot be HIV positive.

The forum also revealed that there are girls who have unprotected sex with boys because they trust them after having been in the relationship for a long time.

Vindictiveness was also discussed with some revealing what they termed “the fear of dying alone”, referring to those sexual partners who knowingly spread the infection to as many people as possible.
Another major topic was alcohol which the girls said affects the sex performance by boys, often causing problems between the couples.

Ebony Ramokhua said she hopes that such forums continue to help other girls.

“I have leant so many things on sex and relationships. Some of them are new to me,” said Ramokhua. “Events like this should be held often to help equip the girls with relevant information on vital issues.”


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