Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Go easy on those sodas!

Every time someone tells me that they are on a diet, they are trying to lose weight but somehow it does not seem to work.

When I ask them to give me a record of what they eat so we recreate the diet, I find out that they actually are still taking sodas, which explains the weight gain.

I think that for so many of us, sodas have become like water. We drink them without fail and we take so much that it becomes impossible for us to quit taking them. But then this means we should not be surprised when we have diabetes, gain weight, age quickly, have our kidneys fail us, experience bone loss and maybe die.

See, when sodas are created, they are chemically made. There is no fruit pulp or natural component that helps make sodas. Fizzy drinks (carbonated beverages) are produced by injecting carbon dioxide into the drink at a pressure of several atmospheres. Carbon dioxide dissolves readily at pressure, particularly in cold beverages, but far more so at high pressure and large volumes of gas can be dissolved. When the pressure is released the carbon dioxide comes out of solution forming numerous bubbles and begins releasing the carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. After a few hours, most of the carbon dioxide has been released and the drink is said to be “flat”. This is why it’s such a big deal to make sure the drinks are closed tightly.

The chemical phenomenon whereby carbonated drinks taste sharper is due to carbonic acid inducing a slight burning sensation, and is only indirectly related to the bubblesÔÇöboth phenomena are caused by the carbonic acid concentration.

Now your body is not made out of toxins or fermentation and that is why it rejects such carbon or rather the fizzy become a poison to the body. Their acidity is too much for the neutral delicate cells and their phosphate composition eats away the calcium from the bones, this is why later in life we develop brittle bones, that’s because all the calcium we had was wiped away to make space for not so necessary phosphate. This phosphoric acid is so strong that it can dissolve teeth but one does not taste it because it is masked by the sugar.

Blood sugar has become a victim to the amount of sucrose and additives found in sodas. When one quenches their thirst with sodas, they actually are not drinking any water; they merely are drinking loads and loads of sugars with carbon and no water. The colorants and preservatives then add a vibe or zest to the brain and that can make one have a lift due to the caffeine. This feeling of a rise in energy unfortunately drops so fast and so suddenly that one craves for a soda all over again to give that good energy. This is sad, especially for children whose brains are just developing and need not to be robbed of nutrients but instead must be fed with healthy and nutritious juices. So, next time you might want to rethink that decision of buying 6 packs for your children.

As a matter of fact, we should all think twice before crack opening a can of soda and introducing all that gas that is bad for our stomachs and sugar that could cause an imbalance in our bloods. There always is a healthier option, fruit juices, vegetable shakes and water that promise nothing but the very best for you and your health.


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