Saturday, December 9, 2023

God and time must untangle this mess – Kgafela II

The supreme leader of Bakgatla ba-Kgafela, kgosikgolo Kgafela Kgafela ii has spoken about the need for his tribe to be patient while he fights corrupt politicians and the regent Nyalala Pilane who is at the helm of Bakgatla ba-Kgafela resources. Speaking in Soulsport in Pilanesburg, Kgosi Kgafela in a Shakespearan tone told hordes of Bakgatla in attendance that his fight against corruption is spirited, and would need patience and courage.
Like Shakespeare, Kgafela ii  used “the law and the power of Time”as the theme for his address.  Kgafela said his late father, Kgosi Linchwe ii always preached that the law is supreme, and eventually the law takes its course.
“’My father Kgosi Linchwe always said that the law is the supreme law. No matter how one tries to manipulate the law, it will catch up with you. If you skip the law, it cuts your legs, if you go under the law, it cuts your neck. That’s the principle my father lived with.”
Kgafela ii, highly sophisticated in use of language, said those who have stolen from the tribe have run a race that they can no longer finish as the law is about to clamp on them.  He said his race was a long one, and is almost over.
“I have run this race Bakgatla. Since my coronation I have never slept. This is my 8th year of fighting corruption, seeking accountability. I can tell you that race is almost over, I see that we are about to conclude. But remember as dikgosi we have fought wars, I feel it in me that I can still fight for five more years.”
Kgafela said he knew that eventually that “the law, the power of God and the power of time would untangle the mess” that Moruleng finds itself.
“bagaetsho nako e fithile nako ya gore nako le modimo di rarolle mathata a lona. Go a diragala ggore ole motho olwe ntwa mme ko bofellong go tlhokege modimo,nako le  boammaruri fela. Nako ya gore magodu buse dithoto tsa lona e tsile.”
Kgafela ii said when the time arrives that the law must take its course, it does not care whether one is President, minister, or king.  He further went on to applaud South African constitution which he termed the ‘most progressive constitution in the whole world’ saying that it protects citizens and persons residing in that country irrespective of the position one holds.
“over the 5 years I have been here in South Africa, I  have looked at the law of this country; I have studied its constitution. It is by far the most progressive constitution in the world. However, it may be that things take time to be done, but the law, like the sun will always come out, eventually.”
Kgafela ii told his people that Bakgatla ba-Kgafela are the richest tribe in the continent, and deserved better infrastructure and welfare. He said Bakgatla, therefore  deserved accountability from their leaders. He said he dreams of great possibilities and opportunities in the entire Kgatleng where every Mokgatla would be proud and living a decent life of dignity.
“The entire Kgatleng from here in Moruleng to Kgomodiatshaba in Botswana, we should see the fruits of your minerals. We should see you living a better life because God gave you enough resources to live off. That time of accountability and happiness is closing in.”
Kgafela urged Bakgatla to leave ‘’trivia and frivolity” and focus on the bigger picture of attaining peace and prosperity within the tribe.
“tlogelang ditlontlokwane tsa lapa la bogosi ka gore gore Kgosi ke mang ga se kgang ya lona kana ope motho mo lefatsheng le. Kana o tautona kana o minister,kgang ya gore Kgosi ya Bakgatla ke mang ke kgang ya modimo. Yo o nyatsang kgosi wa swa kana o latlhegelwa ke maemo. Gontse fela jalo.”

Kgafela, a former human rights lawyer, was in high spirit in his address. The meeting was heavily attended by politicians, dikgosi in Botswana and South Africa respectively and hordes of Bakgatla tribesmen and women who also performed traditional songs. Members of Bakgatla ba Kgafela Tribal council which looks after billions of Bakgatla money, also attended and uncharacteristically spoke against Nyalala Pilane at the event. 
Kgafela was accompanied by his wife Mohumagadi Oshadi Kgafela and royal uncles including Kgafela’s uncles Sekai Linchwe and Segale Linchwe who is Bakgatla senior Chief Representative. Kgafela’s uncle Ramono Linchwe and members of parliament from Botswana also attended the annual ceremony. At the event, suspended Kgosi Sekai spoke about mysterious deaths that have taken place in the year 2016; a record 8 deaths have been reported in Mochudi this year alone.


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