Saturday, December 2, 2023

Going back to the nostalgic 70s sounds

Original brainchild of Richard Coughlan, ‘Summer of 79′ is nothing short of 70s eccentric fashion on the backdrop of hits popular in that time. This past weekend, the live musical showwas steered to life through a collaborative effort of local and international musicians at Grand Palm Hotel.

“It’s a live musical show fused with some theatre and every year we promise to literally rock the crowd.  We explore genres inclusive ofMotown, disco, funk and simple good old rock and pop.

“With appearances from the Temptations, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Kansas, Journey, Prince to just mention a few, this show is packed with trips down memory lane, old high school dances and music on the old 45s,” statedshow director Sharon Dutton.

Featuring vocalists such as Liesel Graham,SuzieMamba, Debbie Gaetseweand Vivien Dakpo, the show was captivating both visually and through theatric performance.

Instrumentalists such as Cedric Ncube, Leroy Nyoni and Terry Lewis added colour to the songs to the delight of the crowd.

“With each show we want to reignite the nostalgic feel of that era of timeless music, great fashion and to draw in the crowd through each performance,” says director Leroy Nyoni. “The inspiration behind the theme of the show was that we wanted to create a different experience for the audienceÔÇösomething unique and memorable in terms of genres and visuals,” he adds.

The show, which ran for two nights on two weekends consecutively, featured 70s hit such as Papa Was A Rolling Stone and Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven. Summer of ’79was hosted by the Grand Palm in partnership with Capital Bank, KBL, Benju and Eventsteque.

“The show is quite engaging in terms of sound and visuals and I look forward to it every year,” enthused one of the attendees.


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