Sunday, March 3, 2024

Good riddance Butler, now let us try our local recipe

Butler’s major downfall with the BFA was to do with his conduct and undermining of authority. His utterances on numerous occasions rubbed his principals the wrong way.  He was brash and sometimes it bordered on what we saw on our neighbours at some era ÔÇô to the south and north. O ne a re nyatsa.

But what I always wondered is whether he knew that we did not know. The Botswana Football Association gave him all the support he wanted.  In fact he called the shots at Lekikidi House.  I sometimes wonder what his claim to fame was.  To me he was just a journeyman. And that is what he will realise in South Africa because they like winning. For a journeyman he is!

Try it on twitter in SA like you did here Butler and you will get your come uppence

But now enough is enough. Just give the job to Oris Radipotsane at home. After Bra Stan he and those that know the local game can take it further.  I don’t want to punt names!

You fellows at Lekidi should know better without eating caviar. The Under-17s, 20s 23s would understand their big brothers; those who speak their language. I mean Mogogi Gabonamong, Dipsy Selolwane; a host of others. We do not have to look far. Majieta, local is lekker! Have a nice Sunday.


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