Thursday, March 30, 2023

Government repossesses CBD plots

Influential personalities in the private and public sector have started lining up to grab chunks of land at the new Gaborone Central Business District. This is after the Botswana Government, through President Ian Khama recently seized chunks of land held by property developers at the CBD.

The planned land seizure was announced in the Government Gazette, dated 12th September 2014, signed by President Khama.

“Piece of land being Lot No.54350, in Gaborone West, Extension 9 CBDE measuring 8,844m square is declared forfeit to the State on the grounds that Estate Construction (PROPEPRTY) LIMITED, the registered owner of the said Lot failed to comply with condition of the Deed of Fixed Period State Grant in that it failed to erect a building to be used for Commercial purposes,” states the notice in the Government Gazette.

The piece of land was held under Estate Construction (Property) Limited as from 20th February 2009.

Against the said forfeiture, Government would pay the registered owner of the said plot 80 percent of the piece at which the property was purchased from the state.

“Any person objecting to such forfeiture must lodge a notice of objection with the Attorney General within 30 days of the second publication of this notice, setting out the reason why the said Deeds of Fixed State Grant should not be cancelled by the Registrar of Deeds.

The Government also seized plot 54366 at CBD on the grounds that M3 Consulting (property) owner of the said plot failed to erect a building to be used for commercial purposes. M3 Consulting obtained the piece of land on 17th September 2013.

Another plot at the new CBD belonging to Benedict Mabeo was also repossessed by the State as he was said to have failed to erect a building to be used for commercial purposes. The piece of land was obtained in 4th March 2008.

Monatop Property Limited’s piece of land, plot 54363 was also seized for the same reasons. The piece of land was leased to a property developer on 27th September 2010. Another piece of land also at CBD leased to Keboife Holdings Property Limited was also repossessed as the State says that the property developer failed to comply.

Sources within the Government enclave say big shots (names known to this publication) have connived with property moguls in Gaborone to ensure that they have a stake in the chunk of land repossessed by the state. “It is going to be one of the largest land grabbing in recent years”, they said. “It is not only going to be one of the irrational polices to repossess such an expensive piece of land. Land grabbers are already eying the chunk of land as we speak because the new CBD has proved to be a new money spinner for those with cunning minds,” the sources said.


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