Saturday, November 26, 2022

Govt officials asked to respect Court order, Ranyane residents

Botswana Human Rights Organasation, Ditshwanelo, has called upon government officials in Ranyane settlement to respect residents of the settlement, the Court interdiction issued by Lobatse High Court judge Lot Moroka on 28 May and to stop their intimidatory actions against the residents.

Ditshwanelo said this after they and their legal representatives visited the settlement and heard its residents saying that government officials as well police officers are camped at their settlement and conducting door to door campaigns aimed at convincing them to change their minds about refusing to relocate to Bere and other areas.

Ditshwanelo further says that they were also told that government officials are stopping them from accessing the water tap in the settlement.

Lobatse High Court judge Lot Moroka is on the 18 of June expected to hear a matter in which Ranyane residents are challenging their relocation to Bere.

The date of the case was confirmed by Onalethata Kambai who is representing them. Asked why he will be going to Court when government has been relocating Basarwa from the same settlement, Kambai said, “Those who have been moved are not our clients. Our clients are those of whom we have powers of attorney and they are still in Ranyane as we talk and we are proceeding with their case on the 18 of June.”


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