Monday, July 15, 2024

Gunners chairman vows to fight against factionalism

Extension Gunners’ chairman Ludo Kemoeng has admitted that factionalism is hampering the progress of the Peleng giants. Briefing the media in Gaborone on Thursday, Kemoeng said that it was time that all the stakeholders worked together for the betterment of Botswana’s sleeping giants of football.

Kemoeng, who became the chairman almost three months ago after the mass resignation of the previous committee, said that since they came into office, there have been lots of negative reports about his team, which they could have avoided.

“I must say that we could have acted fast to have a good relationship with the previous committee for the better of the club. But I am happy that today we have invited the previous chairman to show that we’re working together for the future of Extension Gunners,” said Kemoeng.

He further said it is not abnormal in any set-up to have differences, but what matters most is how they are resolved. Kemoeng said that with the kind of unity in the team at the moment, they are at the turning point. He urged the supporters to follow suit.

“There is no time for factionalism. That is the thing of the past. If there is someone who still has a negative mind, then he/she does not belong to Gunners. We want to see the team progressing and competing for big honours in the near future. We would like to see Gunners competing for exceptional players like Joel Mogorosi in the future when the transfer window opens,” said the emotional chairman.

Kemoeng said that it is important to build a solid foundation for the team, especially since they will be celebrating 50 years of existence in 2012. He added that it is disheartening that despite 50 years of existence, Gunners still remain poor and have since the early 90s failed to perform to the expectations of their most passionate supporters.

“There is no doubt that we’re struggling financially. Every month, we need around P70,000 to settle the salaries and a further P15,000 for accommodation of the players. At this point in time, we would welcome any sponsor,” he said.

Kemoeng refuted recent reports that a section of Gunners’ supporters control the running of the club. He said that whilst they respect the contribution of the supporters, they have to understand that it is the committee which has been tasked with taking critical decisions which concern the team.

For his part, former Gunners’ chairman Keorapetse Kgasa admitted that there has been some misunderstanding but confirmed that they are doing their best to drive Gunners in the right path. He said the ex-committee members will help the current leadership in ensuring that Gunners remain a household name.

Kgasa led the mass resignation late last year, saying they could not bear the risk of running Gunners. In a surprise appearance at the media briefing, Kgasa continued, “Gunners is a big side and there is a need to run it through proper channels. We appreciate it when people raise their displeasure at the way things are done but still there is a proper route to follow. I would like to apologise to Gunners’ supporters if there is something which we could have not done right during our term.”

Still at the briefing, Gunners’ leadership confirmed that technical sponsor, Dlala, will continue dressing the team until their two-year agreement comes to an end. Gunners stated that their contract with Dlala is binding and if there is need to make some improvements, they will communicate with the technical sponsors. There has been speculation that Gunners might terminate their agreement with Dlala and settle for All Kasi which is owned by Kemoeng.


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