Sunday, July 3, 2022

Gunners officials must guard against indiscipline

Last season, the name Kgololo Leteane gave opposition defenders sleepless nights ahead of their games against Extension Gunners. The youngster was the talk of the town as his pace and skill on the left wing was a marvel to watch.

Who would forget the day when he traumatised Mochudi Centre Chiefs in the first round game of the 2010-2011 Be MOBILE Premier League season, which was played at UB Stadium?

Leteane-inspired Gunners shocked the football fraternity when they hammered Chiefs 2-0 and the following week he was on the back pages of almost every newspaper.

On radio, sports presenters could not stop praising the speedy winger. His form earned him a call-up to the national Under-23 team where he continued to excel.

To add the cherry on top of his fine season, Leteane led Gunners to an impressive 3-1 win over relegated Motlakase in the Coca-Cola Cup final played at Lobatse Stadium.

With the Zebras having qualified for the 2012 African Cup of Nations, Leteane was one of the youngsters many thought would be on the plane to West Africa. At the time, it seemed the youngster was focused on what looked like a promising football career.
But that was then.

Since the 2011-2012 season kicked off last month, Leteane has been a shadow of himself and questions started doing rounds as to what could have happened to the youngster.

Recently, ahead of their game against BDF XI which they lost 3-2 in Molepolole, he is said to have disappeared from training only to pitch up on a Thursday, two days before their game. On the day when the team left for Molepolole, he is said to have left his cell phones at their camp and the team’s management had to search for him around Lobatse so that he could travel.

As that was not enough, against BMC last weekend, Leteane is reported to have disappeared from camp and only made himself available a few minutes to kick off.

When he came on as second half substitute, replacing injured Boitshoko Zikhale, the youngster failed to make any difference. In the end, Gunners suffered a 2-1 defeat to their Lobatse rivals.
A focused Leteane would have made a difference, considering the minutes left when he came on.
“The boy has become big-headed. You can’t even talk to him because the management is letting him do as he pleases. But he should be careful because his career might go down the drain like many stars who have come before him,” said a source.

Then it makes one wonder, what is so special about Leteane? This might as well be the major question amongst some of the supporters because Gunners’ officials behave out of character and bend backwards to accommodate him.

Leteane must be reminded that Gunners have had some of the most brilliant players this country has ever produced but none of them have caused the club such a headache like he is doing now.
He must know that he has just broken on to the scene less than four years ago and he is still to achieve big things. If he wants to be taken seriously, he must fight for a place in the national team and be part of the team travelling to AFCON.

Former Mapantsula stars, like Naphtally ‘Scara’ Kebalepile, Morris ‘Pro’ Mauco, Peter Mabile and Itumeleng ‘Tumie’ Duiker, were the best talents of their generation and could have caused trouble for the club if they chose to. They never did and chances are that Gunners’ management would have told them to go to hell if they refused to play ball for stupid excuses like Leteane is currently doing.

Anyone who has been following Botswana football, would agree that Leteane is a talented player but the ‘special treatment’ extended to him

by Gunners is uncalled for. This has made him go wild thinking that he is bigger than the club.
Leteane seems to have fallen under the spell of some people who ill-advise him and made him believe that the stunts he has been pulling would benefit him. The player needs proper guidance to make him focused. Otherwise his talent will go to waste.

Gunners’ management should stamp its authority and make Leteane aware that the people would turn against him if he does not make the right choice.

But the recent developments have raised some doubts as the management seems to be dragging its feet in bringing the youngster to book.

Yes, he is their star but what message are they sending to the rest of the players?
Already there are reports that some of the players feel that the management is treating Leteane with kids’ gloves and in no time, even coach Maxwell Moyo would lose control over his dressing room.

A player who chose to remain anonymous on Friday said, “the issue of Kgololo is causing unnecessary instability in our camp. Imagine he disappeared when we played BMC and managed to get a run in the second half. The problem is that there are certain players who are given special treatment. This is not good for the team”.

The player further said even though the management claims that they are not aware of his antics, they are not telling the truth.


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