Monday, May 27, 2024

Health Generation- healthy food has never been this tasty

More often than not the so called healthy food recommended by our doctors does not taste as good as we would have liked. Heck, most of it just tastes unbearably awful. No wonder we continue to indulge in so much junk despite warnings. At least you don’t have to shut your eyes and down that piece of junk in an instant. Does healthy food really have to taste that bad?

Health Generation says NO. With its refreshing sight of harlequin green walls, a colourful fruit display next to the counter, and a couple of matching table sets on the front, the Health Generation store at Airport Junction shopping mall just draws you in.

“I hope the products taste as good as the store looks,” I thought to myself as ‘bartender’ Kgotla Motladiile welcomes me with an equally refreshing smile. It’s nothing like the contrived grin of the underpaid waitresses you come across at restaurants around town. “It must be the fruits,” I thought. Unlike most restaurants there’s no back door. Everything is prepared right there in front of you. What you see is what you get. No need to worry about your food being spread on the floor and sprayed with a hose. They call themselves a ‘Smoothie and Juice Bar’ but to me they are just selling themselves short. Not with a menu that includes the unbelievably delectable All Bran muffins. “They contain almond nuts, oats, sunflower seeds and All Bran flakes,” Motladiile explains.

There is also the equally delicious carrot muffin made from coconut flakes, carrots and spices. How about the delicious chicken avocado sandwich with low-GI bread? Or the salmon sandwich. As for the juices you can indulge in the carrot juice, pure orange, spinach, apple and a host of other healthy juices.

“You always get a different yet pleasant taste even if you order the same juice flavour every day because it is not always the same orange, apple, carrot, or pineapple that made the juice you had the previous day,” explains Motladiile. He says because they contain raw fruits and vegetables their juices are good for detoxification. “We try to get our creative juices flowing all the time and discover new and exciting combinations for our drinks.” Other product compliments include salads, wraps, snacks, ice cream, and hot beverages like their butternut soup and decaf coffee.

“Health Generation is Botswana’s first and only, freshly prepared juice-smoothie-sandwich bar operating in Gaborone,” says the company’s Uyapo Ketogetswe. He says they cater for health conscious consumers who are keen on living healthy lifestyles. “Health Generation primarily sells freshly squeezed beverages that have been juiced from locally procured fruits and vegetables, and as a result, freshness is guaranteed.”

He says it is their mission to promote a healthy living lifestyle in an attractive and affordable way.

Health Generation first opened shop in March 2014 at Airport Junction, and earlier this year opened their second bar in Jack’s Gym I-Towers, CBD. “With future plans already in motion for more locations in Botswana and South Africa, we’re inviting the youth of Botswana to take up our franchising opportunities through a Youth Inclusive Plan for our nationwide branches,” Ketogetswe says. The idea behind this, he says, is to encourage the youth to own a piece of this new local phenomenon with the possibility of completely buying out the original owner.

“We strive to nurture and mentor young entrepreneurs, making them believe in the opportunity of local business while growing the community as a whole. So we want the youth to get in touch with us and see how we can spread the health.”


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