Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Heartbreak Leads Man to write a book on relationships

It all began when Kebaneilwe Garebatho got home from a business trip with a bouquet of roses for her sweetheart. He had decided to surprise her that day by arriving unannounced, only to find the love of his life in bed with another man. “They were in my house, bedroom, bed, blankets and using my condoms, I couldn’t believe it,” he said looking visibly heartbroken.

“That day I drank 15 bottles of count vodka Pushkin for four days until I eventually collapsed.” That time Garebatho didn’t fear death. “I wasn’t thinking straight and suffered emotionally and took solace in drinking excessively wishing to be on another planet.” That however landed him at Princess Marina Hospital where he was hospitalised for 15 days. Prior to his discharge, he was advised to see a psychiatrist and a social worker who helped him to recover. Well, that was in 1999. This kind of summed up his attempts at full time dating. So he decided to stop dating and stick to drinking.

Fast forward to 2006 he recalls this one time after a night of heroic binging with his so-called ‘friend.’ This friend bought him drinks the whole night, leaving more money behind the bar counter for him to drink to his hearts’ content. This friend then disappeared for a while after saying he was going to come back a couple of hours later. “So, I decided to take the last 6 pack and I headed home.” Upon arrival at home, feeling a bit tossed he stuck his beers inside the fridge and went straight to his bedroom and found this ‘friend’ who left him hours ago at the pub naked in bed with his knees up sleeping with his new girl he had been dating for the past two years.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “How could my best friend do this to me?” He just couldn’t believe it! To make matters worse, this ‘friend’ went on to rub it in his face.

“That is when I learnt that I’m not alone nor the last to experience such. After catching them red handed, that is when I wrote my book after collecting all the information about other people’s experiences.”

Garebatho is the author of ‘The Pain of Love.’ The book is all about the causes of the pains people encounter in their relationships which lead other people to kill their partners before taking their own lives. It provides solutions and counselling. What is written in his book was well thought and a thorough research was conducted prior to writing it. However, the book’s initial purpose is not to titillate as it is a more of a manual.

This is a highly educational book. With local sales of close to 10 000 copies, it is more of a relationship manual based on real life situations. It is aimed at empowering individuals to live peacefully with or without their partners. After reading this book, readers will be in a better position to make wise decisions and be extra sensitive to their partners’ feelings.

Through his book, Garebatho has already made a great contribution to trying to halt incidents of passion killings and he needs the publics’ support. He is currently in the process of organising a book launch whereby everyone who has problems in his/her relationships is invited to come. He will be accompanied by a social worker, psychiatrist, police officer and a pastor.

The aim of the book launch will be to provide people with a motivational talk, offer them counselling. “The whole idea is to up lift their spirits in order to show them that the solution to problems in relationships is not to commit suicide or murder,” he said. “That way the will be won.”

He is the author of two other books, Sexual Scramble for HIV/AIDS and Life Challenges to Success.


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