Friday, August 12, 2022

Highly anticipated Orange Makoya launch Slated for next week

In an effort to improve service delivery to its highly esteemed customers, Orange Botswana will on January 27, launch a new mobile advertising service dubbed ‘Orange Makoya’. Orange Botswana in partnership with Incepta Communications will jointly introduce and fully demonstrate a mobile advertising service that works according to the clients specifications, by sending SMS alerts to prospective buyers with brand offers and promotions from their chosen categories.

The new service will be introduced in order to assist brand owners, stores and other suppliers to get access to customers who have an inclination towards a particular type of product or service.

“This new service will help improve efficiency in business, as customers will receive deals and promotions from local brands and stores they have opted for with just a click on their mobile phones, and brand owners will be assured of a reliable and most effective means of advertising their products and services,” said Mobile Advertising Sales Executive at Incepta Communications, Seeletso Reikeletseng.

Reikeletseng further added that Orange Botswana identified a gap in the mobile and networking industry. “This is a revolutionary service as it is a first of its kind in Botswana. It creates an opportunity for customers to know about exclusive deals from local brands. It will also benefit local brands and various suppliers as they will be able to reach a wider network of their target audience, and it increases the chances of converting leads into actual sales,” he revealed.

With the ever increasing demand for specified personalised shopping, Incepta Communications has discovered the need to come up with a service that is appealing, which will benefit a wide range of audiences ranging from teens to adults, taking into consideration their interests and preferences. To this end, the company engaged marketing agency Incepta Communications as a partner, to be able to package as well as market the product adequately within the market.

Incepta Communications will in their part be responsible for publicising service to strategic partners and end-users as well as campaign trafficking and reporting.

Orange Makoya main objective is to generate business for Botswana brand, by creating a closer bond with their target customers. It is also a service that will add more benefits to Orange customers if they want to enjoy relevant good deals from other brands.

As an innovative mobile advertising service, Orange Makoya will give Orange network customers the possibility to receive offers and discounts from any brand in Botswana. For this, they will have to subscribe to Orange Makoya by sending an SMS to 1800 and indicate their interests. They will then start receiving offers that fit their interests. At any moment they can unsubscribe or modify their interests. All SMS to 1800 are free of charge.

For companies in Botswana it is a very efficient way to advertise their brands and products. They will be able to create offers and discounts for a specific target and send an SMS with the promotion.

When Orange Makoya customers will then come to their shop or restaurant, they will just need to show the SMS they received to benefit the promotion.


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