Saturday, April 1, 2023

Hip Hop heavyweights to perform at Pop Bottles festival

A short left off the A1 road at Palapye will lead you to Serowe, the baMangwato capital which will this Christmas holidays host the third instalment of the annual Pop Bottles festival.

The festival, organised by Arts and Society, will be held on December 25th at My Destiny Farm. Co-director Anthony Phokoletso said this year they are coming in as not only a registered company but also a registered trademark. He promised that Batswana will get value for money from the show.

“Pop Bottles has shown tremendous growth as a brand and the support from all stakeholders in the industry has been amazing,” said Phokoletso. 

Together with his partner James Ratshosa, they operate a 100% citizen owned enterprise that also enjoys support from a team of experts who have worked tirelessly over the years to build Pop Bottles into the recognisable brand that it is today. Traditionally, Christmas is a day set aside for families to be together and celebrate. However Phokoletso stated that they consider the people of Serowe and surrounding areas to be one big happy family. On the morning of the event the set up will be family oriented allowing for the presence of children and adults to enjoy an outing with their relatives and family members.

Later in the evening, the proper, adults only turn up session will begin. Regarding the venue, Phokoletso explained that there will be all the necessary facilities and amenities at My Destiny Farm, which offers the level of prestige that comes with the event. Performing at the show will be multi award winning artists, Dramaboi, Scar, Zeus, HT and Sasa Klaas. These local hip hop legends will be performing alongside rookie artists who will be launching their music career.

“At Pop Bottles we give opportunities to budding artists and continue to groom them till they are able to go off on their own,”

The line up is comprised of 100% local hip hop and artists and local Disc Jockeys (DJs). As a growing brand Pop Bottles has also launched a t-shirts line which they will showcase in the near future.

Phokoletso promised that the high quality clothing will be both casual and smart casual with an urban and retro infused look. Since its maiden show in 2013 Pop Bottles has grown to a point that they managed to launch a version of the show in Maun earlier this year. Phokoletso said the Maun show boosted the Pop Bottles brand into a national powerhouse. Some of the proceeds from this year’s show will be donated to charity.


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