Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Hollywood trio host arts and entertainment expo to inspire youth

Founded in 2014, Dreams Alive is a club that offers bi-weekly workshops on performing arts to young girls residing in the greater Gaborone area. The goal is to provide the girls with self efficacy skills, leadership development and engage them in discussions about community and social issues.  

This past week the club collaborated with USA based FHG Entertainment to host an arts and entertainment expo between Molapo Piazza and Maitisong. The expo was facilitated by Hollywood choreographer Reyna Banks and actresses Brely Evans and Amber Baker. The trio promised that the expo was not just a once off affair, but the beginning of a long term relationship with the local arts industry.

“This week we will interact with the youth as positive and inspiring role models and industry specialists. We desire to broaden their scope of imagination by letting them in on how we work and encouraging them to dream big and realize that Hollywood is not farfetched at all,” said Banks. 

The two actresses facilitated acting classes with primary school children aimed at teaching them how to stand out.

“At this age they don’t really appreciate how unique they are as individuals. Acting is not just about well rehearsed lines, but more about unique execution of those lines,” they said. 

Evans said she was amazed by the children’s abundant talent, but cautioned that such talent must be nurtured.

 “Acting can be therapeutic for children especially those who have been through difficult situations,” she said. 

Baker said their aim is to establish solid platforms and create opportunities for children especially in public schools.

“We held a workshop at Old Naledi and were able to unearth amazing talent within a very short time. We have big plans for underprivileged children in our future projects,” she said.

She added that for the projects to succeed there must be buy-in from parents.

“Parents must realize that art can distract people from their challenges even if it is just for an hour,” she added.

“Artists here are very talented and decent; their work just needs a little tweaking after which I see a lot of international sales. It is also very important to teach them the business aspect of arts and culture.”


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