Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Homosexuality is against nature’s order

Homosexuality means warring against nature’s order. It is repulsive for respectable human beings who know what their reproductive organs were meant for, to indulge in any experiment that is contrary to nature’s order.┬á Permissiveness that has permeated our moral fabric has wrought havoc already on the nation’s social, political, educational and even religious thinking and practices.

Endorsing sodomy and bestiality so as to avoid what those who are perverted call ‘ignorance, prejudice, hatred and religious fanaticism’ means opening the doors for more devastating plagues to add to HIV/AIDS.┬á

Thinking soberly and objectively: Has there ever been any occasion anywhere in the world where a cock had been seen climbing another cock to perform the same act that could make a hen lay eggs? Does any he-goat relate sexually with another he-goat or hen with another hen? Ram with ram? Sheep with sheep? Why then must human beings, more intelligent than animals, endowed with reasoning faculties, connected with more than a thousand cords to maintain links with the Creator, be determined to continue warring against nature’s order?┬á

What was the purpose of creation? Was it not so that every created being could procreate and multiply? Can people who call themselves ‘humanists’ say that they did not come to the world through the union of man with woman? Has the Creator not designed reproductive organs of male and female differently? Is it not the male sexual organ that plants the seed, while the female womb receives the seed that fertilizes the egg in the womb to cause conception?

Those men who marry fellow men and relate sexually with one another ÔÇô can any of them conceive and bear children? If not, what is the essence of marriage other than procreation? When a man marries another man can either of them conceive, carry the pregnancy for nine months; at full time go into labour and bring forth a living human child? If that happens, then it will be known and accepted that ‘the concept of marriage has been changing, and will continue to change’.

Enacting law banning same-sex marriages is long overdue. Those who prefer to continue with their sodomitical amorous escapades should be prepared to bear the consequences. They should in addition to being jailed for as long as five years without any option of fine, be ostracized. They are a danger to normal, orderly, morally-upright human beings.

Homosexuals who would want to be tagged “gay”, should never be allowed to operate freely and comfortably in Botswana. If they feel uncomfortable in this country, they can migrate to such countries as will offer them refuge to operate freely with those wearing the same badge. That law against sodomy and bestiality must carry the full weight and sternly, strictly enforced everywhere.┬á
As one writer put it in a local newspaper, “Homosexuality is not natural but is a learned behaviour. It is what an individual chooses to do whether or not they have a tendency. When homosexuals appeal to the argument that being born gay is like being born into a particular race, they don’t know what they are talking about.

“From an evolutionary perspective how does homosexuality further the develop and distribution of the human species? It cannot. Homosexuality obviously works for self-extermination. It is not natural but is a learned behaviour. It does not produce offspring. Therefore it is not genetically based.

“If being born gay means that homosexuality is morally acceptable because it is natural, then it must also be morally acceptable for those who are born with a tendency to oppose homosexuality. Homosexuals should not urge the heterosexuals to change their sexual “orientation”. Homosexuals should not ridicule those who oppose homosexuality since they are born that way.

“Since homosexuals who accuse heterosexuals of being homophobic should they also then be labeled heterophobes? Why is it that homosexuals want heterosexuals to think and behave like them? Why is it that homosexuals are working so hard to change moral, social and political opinion to be more in line with what they want when human species will never increase, be distributed or developed if all the heterosexuals were to change to their sexual orientation? Why do they want heterosexuals to accept them while they do not want to accept heterosexuals as they are? Why do they want others opinions to change and conform to their ideology and behaviour?”

The Bible says, “If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. ┬áThey shall surely be put to death. ┬áTheir blood shall be upon them. “ (Leviticus 20:13).


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