Wednesday, January 26, 2022

HOROSCOPES. Are you dependent on their predictions?

Are you one of those people who live and breathe by what their horoscopes suggest? Or are you the cynical type that shrugs them off and consider them to be bogus?

Horoscopes or popularly known as star signs are astronomical charts representing the position of the stars, moon and all the planets which astrologers use to determine personalities and the future of individuals depending on the day they were born.

There are people who cannot start their day without checking their daily horoscope. Whether they find something positive or negative, it does not deter them from taking a glance the following day. Some go as far as living their day as per the Horoscope suggests, tampering with their fate and destiny. Horoscopes are known (by the believers) to predict the future and those who do not even give them a second chance, take them to be utter nonsense.

Is it their relation to science (Astrology) which makes people believe these ‘predictions’? Horoscopes and Astrology are from the ancient Greek history. Greeks believed that a person’s life was pre-determined and predictable by the positioning of the sun and moon and constellations present at the time of a person’s birth. A horoscope is related to your birth time, date, and year as well as during which of the twelve Zodiac signs the birth occurs. The Zodiac signs have even been linked to certain characteristics a person has. Most people say its weird how these attributes often match their personality. Others use them to guide their life and choices. For instance, if today’s horoscope reading tells one to be careful of the decisions they make because they may affect their life for a long time, a person would actually follow that the whole day. I guess in that way horoscopes are a good thing as they may encourage good decision making.

But what does this say about you as an individual? Do you live your life according to what your sign tells you? What happens then if your horoscope tells you the partner you are with now is not the ONE? It is such readings that make people skeptical and not trust horoscopes because they wonder how something elusive can decide for you that you should look for someone new-worse off if you are married. Does this mean you have to file for divorce? Under what grounds? You love them but your Zodiac sign says they are not your soul mate?

Horoscopes can be said to be self-fulfilling prophecies because you will live your life driven by what they have already said about your future. If they tell you that you going to have a hard time achieving a goal this will make you work even hard not to fail. If they tell you that you are going to be successful it gives you positive attitude. And we all know a lot of good things happen to those who look at life as half-glass-full. Horoscopes are aimed at a general audience, not one specific person. If there is anything negative, one may give it a blind eye and NOT intentionally allow that negative thing to happen-because the sign says it will happen today.

I do take kindly to the advise horoscopes may offer but as for my future, I prefer it to be just that- the future-the unknown. You may notice this piece has a lot of questions, so does my mind about the believability of predictions by horoscope signs. But ultimately, it is up to an individual to decide what they want for themselves. Whether or not to believe in the predictions, it is YOUR call.


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