Thursday, March 4, 2021

How DCEC bungled GICO investigations following Lekaukau’s dismissal

The Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) finds itself accused of bungling investigations on Government Implementation Coordination Office (GICO) following the mysterious sacking of former Director General, Moshe Lekaukau.

The Directorate is accused of a dragnet strategy, “a fishing expedition that drove them to run after everyone with no reason to do so”.

This has resulted in some of those searched by DCEC requesting for written assurances from Government that, indeed, they are not being investigated or suspected of having done anything against the law.

Investigations by The Telegraph have revealed that the Office of the President, under which GICO falls, now finds itself under pressure from contractors involved with GICO to give them assurance letters that they are not being investigated.

The Telegraph has names of individuals with links to GICO who had their houses searched and ransacked by DCEC following Lekaukau’s dismissal.
One such officer is Bashi Gaetsaloe, the Chief Executive Officer of one of GICO’s biggest contractors, Accenture.
Accenture specializes in management consultancy, technological services and outsourcing.

Gaetsaloe’s house was ‘ransacked’ while he was away in Johannesburg.
DCEC also seized stacks of documents from some senior officers at GICO.
While DCEC took nothing from Gaetsaloe’s home, The Telegraph can confirm that Accenture Botswana is currently implementing a P55 million National Project Management Services contract at GICO.
Curiously, the DCEC has not searched the Accenture offices in Gaborone.

By press time on Monday, Accenture Public Affairs liaison in Johannesburg, Lisa Fourie, could not be reached to clarify if their company were by any chance under investigation in Botswana.
In an interview with The Telegraph, the investigating officer at DCEC, Shadreck Kgomo, claimed ignorance on allegations that the DCEC raided Gaetsaloe’s houses.

He referred this paper to the organisation’s Public Relations Officer, Lentswe Motshoganetsi, who was also not forthcoming on what really transpired when Gaetsaloe’s property was searched. He could not even confirm or deny whether there was a connection between Lekaukau’s sacking and the search at Gaetsaloe’s home.

“I cannot comment on those allegations until I am at a point when the DCEC is ready to do so,” said Motshoganetsi.
Speaking to The Telegraph, Permanent Secretary at the Office of the President, Bruce Palai, refused to be drawn into discussing the issue.

“We cannot discuss Lekaukau’s issue,” Palai said on Monday when contacted to clarify whether DCEC’s raid on GICO contractors was in any way linked to Lekaukau’s sacking.

Lekaukau, 65 years old, was fired by President Ian Khama recently.
No explanation was given save for a short press release, saying the matter was between Lekaukau and his employer.
Lekaukau was handed his letter of termination of employment and told to leave with immediate effect.


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