Thursday, May 23, 2024

How financially independent women intimidate underpaid men

Today’s women are no longer those docile individuals of yester year, who were relegated to the homestead where they toiled bare footed in the kitchen and at the lands, as house wives whose major role in the family was just to sire children.

Today’s woman does not want to spend their entire lives taking care of the men folk. Over the past couple of decades, women have thrown the adage that a woman’s place is in the kitchen out the window, breaking barriers and catapulting their academic and professional careers until they sat at the highest echelons of power. Globally, women like the late Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana and Hilary Clinton have made their history and left their mark in the world.

Women are taking advantage of their natural ability to take control and take over the world. In any case, women’s careers are as equally important as mens’ careers after all. But the question is, do women want to hire maids and put their children in day care centres and go to work? Or yet still, would they rather stay in the kitchen and bring their husbands a heaped plate of micro wave food after a hectic schedule at work? Most men undoubtedly prefer or wish their better halves would just stay at home and take care of them. The idea is unthinkable for most women. But, Basimane Tibi believes women should take care of their husbands, or they will find someone to take care of them.

For Tibi, most career women are unable to keep a man because they don’t have time for family; they are just busy about their careers. He believes the way to a man’s heart is through good food.
“You just need to cook for your man, clean for him and look sexually appealing. Then a man will be content,” she said.

Most men are more comfortable with house wives. They are simply intimidated by women in fancy power suits because they exude confidence and financial self sufficiency. But the reality is that men just have to sit down, fold their hands and accept that today’s woman is a woman of her own. And then there are those guys who take advantage of their women, prey on them, use their money and drive their cars. They use their ladies cars to pick other women while their partners are at work. They coerce their loving women to give them money, and then use the money to wine and dine their small houses. You see, men are naturally predators. They are hunters and poachers, always on the lookout for some lady to tame. Men simply want women to need them and they don’t want to depend on women.

It’s a power struggle. And it’s not like they lose their temper or feelings. Men just don’t have the same emotional intelligence which is why they tend to panic in such dicey situations.

I recently found myself in a difficult situation after a night out drinking with a couple of my friends. I had to explain to my buddy’s fianc├®e that we were just having innocent fun. The poor guy simply wanted to go and change clothes and then continue with the drinking spree. He also wanted to con his lady into giving him a couple of bucks for the night. But his fianc├®e would have none of it. She told him off right I front of guests. At least the dude was honest. He replied,” I’m sorry baby. But I ran out of money!”


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