Saturday, February 24, 2024

How much do you know about alcohol?

Let’s be honest, we love having a good time, and there is nothing wrong with having a good time with loved ones after long weeks of stressful hours, you know just to blow off some steam.

And I get that one can have a drink or two but come-on, the way in which we drink alcohol sometimes, if not all the time, is a bit too much. I used to think that you could only drink during weekends but nowadays you can find liquor stores filled up during the week, in the morning, noon time, literally every time.

But how much do we know about a bottle of beer and what it is made of, and what’s so wrong with having a few drinks every day? When I talked to an old friend of mine about how much he knew about alcohol, he said, “It’s all about having a good time; it just relaxes you and soaks you for a while and it’s just like you having your fruit juice and what not”.

Well, one thing is for sure, alcohol is not food.

You can survive without it; as a matter of fact it is a drug, a popular legal and international drug that makes it impossible for you to absorb real food. Ethanol, another word for alcohol, simply means sugar fermented by yeast. It contains 7 calories so a drink definitely guarantees gaining weight. The mistake many make is thinking that alcohol is strongly flavoured water that is harmless and relaxing. What we don’t get is that it is actually an enemy to our immunities and the more you consume it, the easier it ruins your life. Drinking too much alcohol will not only live you with an insane hangover but damage to the body’s internal organs.

The liver is such an important organ in the body and just like the heart, one cannot live without it. It is responsible for removing the dirt and toxins in our bodies, excreting all the threats so that the body is free from any damage. But when you drink, you overwhelm the liver and scar it causing cirrhosis, an irreversible and chronic condition that leads to death. The biggest fear is that there is not a drawer in our hospitals full of livers waiting to be used to replace the beat up alcoholic ones, so this means one thing, to take care of the one liver you have by going easy on the bottle.

Drinking also increases blood pressure and ulcers of the stomach even for young people making them grow up with conditions that they probably would not have had if they had stayed away from the drink.

If you are on a weight loss mission, you might want to quit alcohol. The calories that you spend forever trying to keep off are in the drink, cider or wine, it all is the same and once you get drunk it becomes easier to eat further. This explains the beer belly that you get stuck with and it takes intense and forever exercise to get rid of it and it puts you at risk of getting diabetes.

Nutritional deficiencies are also common where alcohol is concerned, I mean if you are going to spend your budget on alcohol, veggies and fruits literally have no place in your kitchen and that means your body is robbed of essential minerals and vitamins which regulate new cells and maintain healthy nerves and blood cells. You put your heart and brain at risk of failing too. All of this poison enters the body, is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and causes havoc for a well balanced healthy body.

And to all mommies to be, the best gift to give your little angels is the best health ever and that means 9 months free of happy hour. I can’t imagine a baby being born with a condition that would change their live for the worst just because mummy couldn’t keep away from a drink.

So you love your chill sessions with your cool drink and that’s allowed, but just like meat or veggies, do all of this with balance. Remember too much of everything is dangerous.

So next time, time yourself and cut down the number of bottles to half. Trust me; it will all be worth it by the end of the year.


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