Monday, July 4, 2022

How much in touch are you with yourself?

A common trend most of us possess is that we are often too busy doing this and that to take time to reflect on the progress we have made as individuals. It’s only when the next person makes a comment about the ‘good old days’ that we often realize with a jolt just how much time has passed without us noticing.

Fatal ignorance of our true selves has widened so much that one cannot tell in which areas they had improved so as to pat themselves on the back for the fruitful efforts or motivate themselves to try something different in order to prevent becoming stagnant.

Some might describe it as being lazy or indifferent to the great potential that we, as human beings, possess.
Countless efforts have been made by those who have seen the light to try enlightening those still in that space of darkness ruled by ignorance to try out different ways of reaching their full potential through media communication.

We have come across and read books about how to become rich, how to multiply your wealth and how to discover your hidden potential etc.
Sometimes we want to experience growth but don’t want the hard work involved in the process; we know the theories but do not have the strength or faith to apply to the long but virtual process of growth.

As people, we grow up with dreams and fantasies that are later in life crushed by the reality infested in the matured world.

There is a difference between dreaming and fantasizing; dreams are meant to motivate one to turn what they envisioned into reality while fantasising makes one wish they could practice what they had in mind in reality.

Some learn to stop dreaming and live with their fantasies because their current environments force them to ignore the potential that could be unleashed by the power of dreaming.
We, as persons, as per our perspectives and that of others, are without a doubt the prisoners of our own identities, the makers and breakers of the illusion that is life and the reality of change.
A number of intelligent persons are one such example of misused potential that needs to be drawn out.

There is always that one person who has unbelievable intelligence and possesses a brain like no other yet they are living a life of discomfort, they are not making as much money as they could be, they have anti social tendencies and do not seem to be happy at all yet they work hard at their jobs.

These people have been to the very best of schools and received quality education yet they were not taught how best to use their creative minds to apply the education they were given to its critical course.

There are scenarios where men and women choose to stay in loveless marriages because they don’t have the time to expand their narrow minds and find ways of living a fulfilling life that might bring meaning to their lives.

Some are just too busy to start over again because it takes a great deal of energy to form new relationships.
Others choose to stay in abusive relationships, others in jobs that don’t fulfill them because of the negative perceptions from the environment and themselves.

They let their environment inhibit their ability to take initiatives to realizing their potential worth. They don’t have time to reflect and create room for improvement in their unsatisfied lives. Thus the meaning and purpose of life is lost to them.
They live to get through the day without questioning the route they are taking.

A wise and good humoured professor of mine once said that because of the many different characters and developments in our society today most people are likely to experience different cases of identity crisis.

Our leaders don’t practice what they preach, even church ministers during the day teach against the very thing they do come nighttime.

“We are all at a crossroad in our lives; some get stuck in the middle and choose to stay there. This particular group does not experience growth; they have apparently reached a point of stagnation. Others choose to evaluate their lives and choose a path they deem right, while others blindly walk into paths of self-destruction, there is cases where some even reverse their maturity level,” said my wise professor.

According to him, this is the stage where marriages and families are torn apart.

The path to discovering one’s potential is costly, especially for people in relationships.

One partner might choose to evaluate their lives and create room for improvement while the other might be left behind while they are too busy trying to get through everyday struggles.

In time, the partners are no longer compatible because they are both on different grounds thus the need for them to find themselves people who understand them better.
Apparently, the path to self discovery and development stays within an individual and starts with spiritual re-awakening.

Lack of faith causes fatigue; people who are in touch with their spirituality grow to be strong and independent and become go-getters, all other areas in life come simply after one has a recognized faith in a superior power.

One apparently becomes a success in financial matters, relationships, mental matters and the likes.
According to my professor, one should evaluate themselves in order to identify areas that they have achieved growth on and those that are setting them back.

Simple tiny steps to growth would be to evaluate yourself on the following:

– Strength
– Weaknesses
– Limitations
– Values
– Objectives/aims in life
– Relationships with people
– Notable experiences


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