Thursday, November 30, 2023

Human-Wildlife conflict haunts Tonota residents

Tonota Sub-District Chairperson Chrisitian Machokoto is worried by the rise in human wildlife conflict cases in the area. 

Addressing a full council meeting, which was held virtually, last week he emphasized that the conflict is a result of incompatible land use emanating from competition between humans and wild animals.

“The most affected district is the eastern side of Tonota Sub District in areas like Tapaladipoo and Gobosholo. To date, nine reports of human-wildlife conflict have been received and five cases have been attended, while four reports are still pending. The department has paid P23 824 in compensations,” he said.

Updating the councilors on hunting quota in controlled areas, Machokoto said for the year 2021, the department of National Parks issued a hunting quota of at least 71 types of species that include elephants, impala, kudu, ostriches, duiker, steenbok and baboons. He also said a total of three species have been hunted which includes three impalas, two kudus and three duikers. He explained that hunting is still ongoing and monitoring is being done to ensure that poaching is not committed under the pretext of hunting.

“In addition, the department sold licenses for various uses that include bird license, small game license, professional hunter license, commercial fishing license as well as recreational fishing license. A total of 273 licenses were sold and raised revenue of P9 455.00,” he said.

On animal production, Machokoto said various programs are being implemented that include the Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development (LIMID) which has components of small stock production and water development. 

Concerning the small stock component, the council chairperson said a total of 3 955 applications were received, 2 158 were approved and 1 693 projects were funded while 436 are still awaiting funding. He revealed that small stock received a total of 114 applications that consisted of kraals, crushes and loading ramps development, fodder processors and fodder bans.

“Out of these applications, 122 projects were approved and funded. Under the water development, 34 applicants were received and out of this number, 27 projects have been approved and funded,” said Machokoto.

Touching on the Tonota Abattoir Plant which is under construction he said the project is currently at 50 percent completion stage. He said the contractor’s progress has not been impressive and has been given a warning letter. With regards to construction of Tonota Mini Sports Complex, the council chairperson said the contract has been awarded in three packages to three contractors. He explained that two contractors are on site doing construction of the boundary wall, change rooms and toilets.

“Boundary wall is at 40 percent while construction of change rooms and toilets is at 30 percent. The third contractor has not yet started work as there was an appeal from one of the bidders. The matter is currently before the Appeals Board and has taken way too long and the delay has greatly affected the project,” he said.


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